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Edo Women

Miss Modupe Ozolua

Last Update 20-07-2010
Modupe Ozolua is the Chief Executive Officer of Body Enhancement limited in Nigeria. She is also the founder and president of Body Enhancement Annual Reconstructive Surgery (BEARS) Foundation. Ozolua claims to help people achieve an admirable weight, attain the best standard of beauty and be fashionable without regard to age Ozolua has won numerous awards. Currently, she says her focus is on catering for the less privileged in the society.

Early life: Modupe Ozien Ozolua was born in Benin City, Nigeria October 10th, 1973, the youngest of four siblings born to Chief J.I and Chief Mrs M.S Ozolua. Her parents hail from Sabongida Ora area of Edo State. Her name, Modupe, means "I thank God". Miss Ozolua had her early education in Nigeria, where she attended University of Benin primary and secondary school, and Queen Idia Girls College in Benin City. Her secondary education was completed at Apata Memorial High School, Isolo, Lagos. To further her education, Ozolua left for the United States of America in 1989. She studied in South Western College, San Diego, and Devery International University, Los Angeles, California (1989-1995). She was recognised in the 1994-1995 edition of the NATIONAL DEANS LIST. While she was growing up, Ozolua wanted to become a Doctor, but the sight of blood made her renounce the idea. Instead, she majored in Graphic Design and Business Administration

Her Interests and Life style: Ozolua is a Christian, but according to her interview with Olatunji (2006), when she was asked how close she was to God she replied; I am the last person that can quote the Bible for you. Ozolua stated dating at the age of 20 and had her son [Seun] at 21years old. At the age of 22 she was already running a home with the man she calls the father of my son (Olatunji, 2006). They further broke-up because œthey felt incompatible then she later got married to someone else (Olatunji, 2006) ; [Miss Ozolua has never mentioned the name of her husband; she calls him Honey.

Career: Ozolua is a businesswoman; she started earning money at the age 18, by working in MacDonald and schooling at the same time, 1991 (Olatunji, 2006). The first business Ozolua had was a communication business on Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. Later she went into real estate, and then started Body Enhancement. She was not attracted to surgery until she went for breast enhancement herself. According to Ozolua during her interview with Olatunji (2006), I was very uncomfortable with my breasts after breast-feeding my son . It was after her operation that she became interested in body enhancement. She wanted to help treat people with deformity (Olatunji, 2006).

Miss Ozolua felt that numerous individuals in her country, Nigeria, would want to improve their appearance. Therefore, she opened a Body Enhancement operation in Nigeria to give individuals a new lease of life with either cosmetic or reconstructive surgery (Ekunkunbor, 2007). Miss Ozolua was running her Body Enhancement Company in Nigeria from Los Angeles. She finally relocated to Nigeria with her son after the death of her mother and her divorce in 2001. Miss Ozolua Body Enhancement company has been in existence since 2001. Ozolua company seems to be a very prosperous company that sets out to promote health and give a second chance to less privileged. Indeed, Ozolua Claims that improving cosmetic and reconstructive surgery in the health sector of Nigeria, she is contributing to the improvement of Nigeria National image. By all account, Miss Ozolua is clearly an ambitious woman.

Awards: Miss Ozolua describes herself in her interview with Adeseun (2004) as a workaholic to which one might add; intelligent and an ambitious woman. She dresses to impress the public. Ekunkunbor (2007) describes her as a woman of many parts. Ozolua has been recognised by the public through her following awards: Nigeria Women Awards. Dame International for Pioneering Action Award 2003. City People for Female Achiever in the Beauty sector 2001. Moremi Hall Executive Council Oba Femi Awolowo University for Award of Excellence 2002. City People for Beautician of the Year 2001. Likewise, Ozolua has been featured in numerous magazines and press publications. For example, Pride magazine of the united kingdom, Guardian Newspaper [London and Nigerian editions], Ovation International Magazine, Tell Magazine, Society International Journal, Afrikan Beatz magazine, The Empress magazine, Reality International magazine etc. She has appeared on numerous radio stations and TV shows, including BBC and Nigerian Television Authority.

Challenges: Miss Ozolua does not have a medical background. She is not a doctor. Although there have been many challenges, Ozolua confesses in her interview with Jemi Ekunkunbor (2007) that “doing business in Nigeria can be a really frustrating and complicated one, but that has not taken away the joy of doing business”. As Ekunkunbor (2007) observes, whenever her name was mentioned in the past, the first thing that came to mind was the picture of woman who knows nothing but breast enhancement.

When asked who her greatest critics were, she replied the press (Ekukunbor, 2007) . An Onlinenigeria article by Ajiboye (2006) says, she is only famous for resuscitating collapsed and expiring breasts. Daily Independent (2006) wrote, cosmetic surgery is dangerous, you can die from it, if you did a nose, job, you will be unable to bear children. The press lacked information at the time her organisation was recently put into function. According to her, in her interview with Ekunkunbor (2007) what they did was express their lack of information in their articles. Hence, when one says body enhancement to the press it is like saying breast enlargement (Ekunkunbor, 2007). Olatunji (2006) says she is not about breast enlargement alone, rather she is a beautician with a unique bent in Nigeria. The aim of Ozolua company is to treat individuals [children, adults, and people who have serious injuries like acid burn and severe accidents with deformities and create HIV/AIDS awareness.

Achievements: According to Ajiboye (2006), Miss Modupe Ozolua hopes to give free medical treatment to more than 5000 underprivileged Nigerian. Ozolua claims that her medical personnel are volunteers, therefore, they will not be paid (Olatunji, 2006). So far her organisation BEARS has rendered services to numerous people. Recently, BEARS treated 36 kerosine victims in Edo State, Nigeria. In her interview with the Nigerian journalist Olatunji (2006), Ozolua professes that BEARS has proved to be a result-oriented outfit through collaborations with some state government and private individuals.

Her life as Philanthropist: Ozolua organised a nationwide surgery project in Kwara State, Nigeria in October/November 2005. the Kwara state government hosted them as well as taking care of their accommodation, and also providing Medical facilities. Surgeons, gynaecologists, and ophthalmologists attended the conference from all over Africa and the Americas. They worked for ten days and treated one hundred and ten patients. Some of the surgeons, who participated, were volunteered by the National Orthopaedic Hospital. Three young surgeons specialised in cyst removal, VVF, repairs and fibroid removal. Further proof that Ozolua BEARS foundation does more than “boobs jobs.

Ozolua has recently launched a surgical laser treatment. This cosmetic laser is for both men and women. The laser, will according to her, be able to permanently remove unwanted hairs form the body and treat acne. She also proposes to use it for vaginal reconstruction of both single women who want to pretend to be virgins and also for mothers who want to feel tighter after giving birth.

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