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Edo Women

Mid-Night At Mid-Day

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By Okoemu Barnabas (26-05- 2014 )

There will never be a true nation for Nigeria, if we the intelletuals keep, keeping mute in face of tyranny. We will have our Fatherland, lured into doom by our political gigolos, the business assacine, upholding to a certain Luciferistic creed in the world of today, these people have blockade the runway of young ones, making them a sort of 'chichi dodo" and the young ones are not making any move of radicality to fight their ways into the corridor of heroeism,to live a live worth remembering, instead, they willingly ordained their souls to slavery, the only benefit of them is the peanut, they are given, this is a sales of life at a prize tag of the women's gum.

The fathers and grand fathers we have in our Nations are by all chances working for the devil. They put a metal baricade on the progressive pupit of the young ones, by inflating everything inflatable, they set up a hard life for the generation, by over taxing the strugglers. They map out a hateful programe of hating education, now nothing is coming out of that sector. The political chief preists and the entertainer of a sort are in head-peace, while the young ones are dwindling in shear backwardness, receiving a shear backlash and praise of hypocritic phase.

I urge the youths and young ones to wake up, step up and revolt against the dominance of octogenerians and peharps centenarian in our leadership landmark and businesses. The destined are denied while the vampires, are the lead stars in this race, because nearly all the youths have decided it to be so. When the youngs are always young never growing, know, there is a problem. Fathers are suppose to live and go to earthly limbo. But in this case, the fathers are in the field, sending the younth not to limbo, but the backyard of sufferings. And then, there is terrific terrors, there is horrific crime, here and there, so we cry, so we weep, don't wee in fact know what to do?

We've waited too long to be used, and refused, now there is finger in the wine, the is a lot... What must be must be. You can't abort it. Now is the time, for the youths and children to wake up.


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