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Last Update August 4, 2022

Why do we study History?

The study of history is very important to our society, because:-

1. It helps us to know more about the past in both internal and external relationship.

2. It satisfies man instinct of curiosity about the lives lived by our forefathers

3. It links the present with the past.

4 It stresses the continuity of human consciousness from generation to generation.

5. It enables us to know the truth about the past by sibling facts from myths legends or fairy tales

6. It offers and promotes the examination of situations critically.

7. It sharpens intellectual experiences, imagination about the knowledge of the past.

8. It helps people to know their places of origin, relationship with others people’s environment, economic crises, fermine and to know good administrators and bad rulers.

9. It helps to identify the root o events and promote better understanding among the people.

10. Through the study of history, we can understand contemporary economic and political problems of a nation.

11. It helps us through critical examination of the structure of institutions (Political set up) of the past to solve the problems of the present HISTORY AND INTERNATIONAL RELATIONSHIP.
Through history, a country like Nigeria can identify her relationship with outside world. The lesson from such relationship with other countries could be used to solve any problem such as economic and politics.

Through history, Nigeria can solve her internal and external problems. Nigerian history will teach us to be wiser so as to solve both the external and internal problems facing the nation one time or the other

History is a subject that records how things went wrong. A long historical view can help a nation or a tribe to be calm in time of troubles, even if we think that there is no immediate solution to the crises, historical views and interest can help us to find solution to our problems.
Our understanding of history of our tribes or Nigeria’s other ethnic groups will help us to achieve the objectives of showing that Nigerians had a unifying factor in their history before the coming of the whites.

A proper study of Nigerian history will teach us to be wiser to solve internal and external problems that confront the nation.

The study of history enables people to orientate themselves, meet new situations, understand human behaviours in the past and the present such as the 31 Ogiso that ruled in the ancient Benin about (40 B.C. -1100 A.D.) The reigns of the Oba’s from 1200 A.D. till date, the amalgamation of Nigeria of 1914, which made Nigeria to become one entity, the Benin massacre of 1897, the fall of the Oyo Empire, etc. History helps us to know the causes of ancient wars fought by Odoligie with Udo, Iguabode and Urhonigbe, the rulings of the past Ogiso, noble men - Okaevbo, the king makers - Edionisen, some of the powerful Obas such as Ozolua, Ehengbuda, Orhogbua, Ewuare the great and many others.

The study of history gives us joy and considerable pleasure we know the past and not only comparing it with the present, but helps, as to behave well, Sharpens our imagination. It gives us sense of belonging. It helps us to study good and had leaders, kings who mismanaged the affairs of the country both in politics, and economist fraudulent practices by those given opportunity to rule the country at all levels. In Nigeria, the politicians and the soldiers had ruled for several years and it is through the study of history that we can know their footprints on the sand of time.

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