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By Evinma Ogie April 21, 2021

No one can discuss mysticism in Nigeria without mentioning G. O. Okunzua, much less can I exclude him from this talking point on Edo and mysticism. While some regard this Edo as a mystic of the new age, others see him as a rare philosopher.

Let me start 0ff by saying he is a psychic and probably greater than a psychic. His ability is not entirely new to Edo. The old Edo had a group of metaphysicians call odo iro (doctors of human affair) They were consulted when other consultants had failed. No, man perplexed could meet until his mind was clear whatever message they gave the claimed, came from the very high forces

An obo Iro who would greet rid receive an enquirer into his house could dramatize his message delivery performance by miraculously dropping into the room from nowhere while his former chatting self would have suddenly disappeared. And then, he would bring his visitor back to reality from his stupefying surprise by saying “just back from the high hefrarchy for a sound briefing on your affairs brother”. Then; he would go on to make gripping “make gripping accurate disclosures to his man.

Okunzua is a chip off this old block, on inheritor from his forbears, the obo iro, Okunzua a is a charming TV personality. Who does not want to hear this fascinating exponent? He certainly delivers the foods. He is a very good writer, only he opts for Philosophical topics. What instance, can one make of this defilation by him of wisdom?

Wisdom is a state of existence whereby worthiness organized is made manifest all through one’s behaviour, speech, and action. It is a state higher than ordinary, living, and once you are in it, you automatically live.

No dictionary gives this type of definition. It is peculiar to Okunzua. It is original; and comes from a creative worker and deep philosopher. -

My mind goes straightaway to a lecture he delivered recently to the psychology Association of the University of Lagos. He said, inter alia,

Man has over seventy bodies or selves. Over twenty of them are not responsive to man’s working methods. It is high art - the name he called his own brand of high metaphysics that can harness all the bodies to respond to done working method, thus organizing man into a whole entity. A very formidable force is thereby constituted to rule over forces, all over the universes

Yes, according to Okunzua, man is supreme in the universe only; he must reach out for the fullest potential he is meant to attain on earth. Man is not meant to worship any god, spirit or force; he is meant to be waited in by god, all spirits, and invisible forces of the universe.

Osa, Olokun, Anume, Obioven; Ogiuwu, and others are names to those who worship them. To Okunzua, they are forces who can be located on the mental planes and conversed with at will.
One thing there is though: He is very particular and speaks only to forces worth his while .

Okunzua has been developing for several years and he has put in over thirty one years of serious research work on the invisible world. He can sense the presence of spirits He can hear them, but he hardly uses clairaudience because the low spirits, he reveals, use the power to deceive man. The strong point in his development is, he reads astral writings at a high level which enables him to contact very high beings who disseminate wisdom and knowledge.

According to Okwazua, there are 8008 mental planes on which invisible forces operate. Numerous invisible world exist beside these, Only the first ten planes harbour the force which man can contact; the developed man, or advanced art man, can operate in any of these 8008 mental planes and beyond and contact any force on the at will, and he is authorized to use any of the forces for constructive purpose never for a destructive one.

Okunzua deplores in very strong terms the use of the sixth and seventh books of Moses for which several young men have a strong fancy. The host of forces mentioned in the books are very low and they are enormously destructive.

What could have made a man so daring as to write a series of articles in those days of Apollo moon landings contradicting what Americans had claimed? Okunzua is sure of his contact with the very high beings, and can, with confidence, make public property of communication obtained thereby. He made still, namely” That the moon rock material was not capable of easy analysis by scientific method because the art compounds which formed it are strange to our earth” (This has not been proved untrue) “That the moon experiment was not going to be long.” (The number of flights planned. Was cut down, and several employees of the National Aeronautic and Space Administration were laid off. There was a lot of disillusion)

Okunzua saw more than met the ordinary eye in America’s space landing. He discovered America’s use of numerology in enhancing chances of success in her space flights. Who would have gone into the trouble of finding out that the numeral 7 was a favourite with Americans in their space plans and national affairs? In high art, the number 7 synchronizes with the vibration of very high forces. It can be used for serving life, winning fame, and attracting success. To see the series of 7 used by America is to be convinced that the occurrence of 7 was not accidental: The late President John Kennedy made his prediction about the landing of the Americans on the moon on the 25th of one month in1961. 25 give numerology of 7: 2+5 = 7. Seven astronauts were selected to train for the landing. Lovell went on his first space flight in capsule 7.The 16th of July was chosen in 1969 for the blast off of Apollo 11. 16 give 1+6=7. July is the seventh month of the year; 1969 gives 1+9+6+9 = 25, and 2+5= 7. Apollo 11 blasted off at 2.32 p. m; 2+3+2=7. After 25 hours, America‘s radio reviewed the journey to the whole world 2+5 =7, The astronauts were ordered to move into the lunar module at 11.23 a.m. 1+1+2+3=7 Apollo 14 blasted off at 3.04 pm; 3+4=7 Apollo 16 blasted off on the 16th of April; 1+6=7 U.S.A devalued the dollar officially by 7.9 percent 7+9 =16 The U.S.A election day in 1972 was. November 7.

Soviet Union wonderful lunar spacecraft bore the number 16 (1+6=7).

These few examples will suffice to open one’s eyes into the silent, though frequent; use the great countries make of mysticism.

Not a mere writer on theoretical mysticism, OKUNZUA has plumbed the depth of witchcraft, and exposed several hidden secrets in the cult No man in Nigeria would be so boldly defiant because  experience has shown that unfavourable silencing consequence are immediate what makes him so bold .

An advanced art man operates on by far a higher mental plane than any wizard and as a rule, no wizard operating on a lower mental plane can summon sufficient power to harm a force on a higher mental plane. The wizard of the universe, the force responsible for imbuing wizards and witches with power has been deposed by the work of advanced art men on earth And that was why the wizards of this earth decided to abolish wizardry on December 10, 1972 in Algeria; which was also why it was decided on the 12th  of January 1973 at a convocation of the world witches In Nigeria that witches could either work for ten more years and forget about witchery forever, or work for fifteen more years and get penalized, after ten years for each witchery act committed.
A wizard has no less than seven witchery powers, while a witch has below seven. At the moment, advanced art men are backed and strengthened to eradicate witchery and wizardry from the world meanwhile this work goes on.
What does—Okunazua say about using his power for research? He is undertaking a research on healing in a new way.

A casual discussion with his garden flowers one morning in 1973 led to the unexpected revelation that plant leaves could heal human diseases by making contact with the human body. That started of f his research into leaf contact therapy. Certain leaves discharge wave energy which can help cure human diseases. If you place one of the leaves fresh on the body near a diseased organ, the diseased organ will be revived and restored into active operation. Different leaves treat different organs, and right new, Okunzua is classifying plant leaves into the different diseases they can cure by making mere contact.

Several successes have been registered on this score, and it appears a new way of disease treatment is opening up by merely using local plant leaves not in the old way but by simple attachment to the body.

Yes Okunzua chats with flowers and plants. How else could he have known as he stated in a paper present by him at an international symposium on Traditional Medical Therapy held in Lagos by Lagos University in December 1973 how could he have known- that a committee of highest plants exists and formulates policy on standards of performance that plants should follow.
Okunzua enjoys the confidence of plants and engages in intimate conversations with them at will to share their secrets says he “I keep asking every known plant: can you be  of any use to man, can you cure his ailments and diseases? At times, the answer is prompt and. forthright. It can be yes; it can by no. At other .times; the answer is delayed for months. Right now, several answers are yet to come” He further explains:
“Plants have their own classification. There are the king plants, the master plants, the urgently serving pants, and the worthless and destructive plants. Those in the destructive plants class must never appear in a flowers loving garden” what need is there to care to develop their latent faculties. It is a virgin field pregnant with possibilities.

In what other ways has Okunzua used his powers to help man?

Some year ago, it fell to his lot to save family in Lagos that was mercilessly and ceaselessly molested by a raging ghost for three days an end with no known cause, bottles cups foodstuffs, and, even stones, started to throw themselves across the bedrooms and sitting rooms, breaking’ door and window panes, and hitting some inmates Lives were in danger. Within ten minutes, Okunzua called the ghost to order, and peace has reigned in that house ever since.

You may wish to know about his predictive power on that, his main fame lies. For over four years running, he has produced and published accurate yearly forecasts for Nigeria with predicting the end of the civil war in 1970.
He forecast accurately the result of the 2nd Africa Games, ,on how accurate Okunzua’s predictions can be, let me quote his from his 1974 forecasts for Nigeria published in a local magazine early in the year:

"Nigeria is not going to receive recognition in 1974 for honesty. Dishonest citizens will be shown up en masse in the year...."

With this year’s students certificate rackets, and constant leakage of W.A.E.C. examination papers, among other things, Okunzua’ s accuracy rating is foregone conclusion.

One last observation for now, on this many sided Edo:
Till the 3rd week of September from August that year, this research psychic psychologist was nowhere to be found. Lately someone whispered into my ears that he was in a retreat working to avert threatening disturbance in the country

That is Okunzua working by himself on high psychic psychology at the College of Medicine, University of Lagos.

Is  Okunzua being given adequate encouragement?
Those interested in this field should find out for themselves. Recognition or no recognition, encouragement or no encouragement, this lion—hearted do still has a lot to offer Nigeria,
The future will explain.

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