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Edo Women

A Special poem

Set her free and never again enslave her.


She from Africa Where the great tribe of Edo dwells

A place green and warm

The monarchy of great imperial kings and warriors

The land of the famous Benin bronze casters and Africa arts treasures

Were its inhabitant dances and sings in praise of their Heavenly creator

Were dancing girls sings full of their youth

Were children plays under mingled moonlight?

In addition, a bonfire shone

That is her land, the land of her ancestors, the inspiration of her childhood.


Set her free and never again enslave her

She is a heavenly princess

The bosom child of Edo imperial warrior kings

The daughter of the mountains of the moon

Blow with love breezes of the night

Her voice carries winds, to the valley and howl

Through the crags and the plains

Her laughter is lightning

Her tears are torrential equatorial rains

She the goddess who leads the water from the source of the rivers to Edoland

The source of the western sun that shine on Edoland

Her hair is oily and extravagantly perfumed

She is the divine concubine and dancer of the gods of the forest

She is weak but brave

Her skill is ebony black but very beautiful

She is the symbol of Africa and black womanhood

The root of all humankind.


Set her free. In addition, never again enslave her

For the spirits of her ancestors walkout;

From the silver of the river

From the deep sea

From the dark night

From the depths night of the forest

From the caves of the departed

From the valleys of the dead

From the plains of the ancestral shrines

In addition, flash they in the bodies of their oppress daughter

When they feel the anguished of her cry for freedom

The crush of her broken bones

Her battered and bloodied body

Her swollen eye ball

Her bleeding womanhood

The pains of her brutality

The weight of her humiliation

The debris of her oppression

The heaviness of her broken heart

From far away......


Set her free and never again enslave her

So says the great angels of the omnipotent God

For she is a heaven princess.


The spirit of mother Africa, the mother earth

Weeps heavily for her enslaved oppressed daughter

Set her free and never again enslave her.


©copyright Osamede Osunde
Mr Osunde is the founder of, a Human Right Advocate and Anti Sex-Slave Activist
Based in Spain

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