Abuses with the Genital

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It was strictly forbidden to cure a man with the genitals, particularly the female private part which were up to be reserved for warding off evils like epidemics befalling the village. Under such circumstance the village women gathered to curse the people with evil intents using the name of their organs; then and then only was the use of these parts for cursing another permissible. If a woman in anger used it against a man or worst still against her husband, she drew a, heavy punishment from the Edion.
Similarly no justification can be pleaded ever, for cursing another with children or in any way wishing for the death of an opponent’s children. The punishment for this crime which was equivalent to cursing another with the female genitals, was as severe as the Egbele could make it nothing but “Odewe bi Elanmen ea” would satisfy the Elders.

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