The History of Uneme Akpama

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Last update July 1, 2020

Which literally means “this is the cradle of the Uneme people in the present Akoko-Edo”?  They came into existence as a result of the arrival of the area by the migrant Uneme, who had vacated their former places of settlement in the Okene area. The reason for their having to leave the Okene area, moving south west wards into Uneme  Akpama, and had some of the conditions in the Okene area, influencing their migration, were similar to those which had made the people to desert their Benin homestead. It was stated that the Uneme people did not meet any groups of autochthonous settlers in the site, when they arrived in Uneme  Akpama. It has similarly been explained that shortly after their black smiting occupation fell in Uneme Akpama, they faced a situation of unemployment, as a result of declining in the demand of their product most of these migrants decided to vacate the area, settling in five different locations within the present Akoko-Edo Local Government area, thus, giving birth to five new Uneme villages and towns. Some of them remain in Akpama and organized the community, and laid the foundation of what could rightly be described as modern Uneme Akpama.

This area was the area where all Uneme people who had migrated to found new communities in different parts of Akoko-Edo first settled before their dispersal to their new locations. However, the foregoing versions on the origins of the name, 'Akpama", contradicts a similar story in which the community was reported to have been named after one Akpama, who was said to be the leader of the original group that occupied the area.

With specific reference of the situation in Akpama, however, the following three kindred came into being in the area during the period.

(i) Uzosi

(ii) lmiakpelo

(iii) lmiava

As time passed, however and based on subsequent demographic changes, which arose largely from population and allied structural expansion and development that took place in Uneme Akpama, six other kindred surfaced in the community.

These new kindred listed below, derived their roots from the three earlier ones noted above

(I) lmiokue: The founder of these kindred came from Uzosi in Akpama

(II) Imiabi: The founders of Imigba, like those who established Imiokue comes from Uzosi in Akpama.

(III) Okpomusu: The founder of Okpomusu equally hailed from Uzosi in  Akpama.

(IV) Imieko: The founders were also from Uzosi in Akpama.

(V) Imiakusi: The founder came from Imewa in Akpama

(VI) Imiefomi : The founder were related to those who had established  Imiakusi in Akpama.

In terms of its geographical location within Akoko-Edo, Uneme Akpama is situated on a site close to the present Ojirami dam, off the Igarra- Ososo road.

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