General Asa
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Last Update June 16, 2021

Asa was the young sons of Omemu who led the armies of Benin against the Ekitis parapos during the reign of Oba Osemwede He had the fortune of succeeding his father in the command of the Royal Army, after the death of the father, because of his gallant spirit. After the siege and capture of Afa by Asa in 1882 he engaged in the heart-aching war of Afin in 1884. He owed his salvation and victory to the fate of his dream, and his unbounded courage at the terrible battle, where all his soldiers deserted through fear and left him alone on his horse with only his bugler and his loving and faithful Captain-General Gidigbiyon.

Yet Asa was victorious and reduced the town of Afin in Ekiti to ashes.
Long after the conquest of Uhen, Asa, on one occasion, sent messengers to the succeeding Arinjale of Uhen (Ise) telling him to supply provisions for the maintenance of his troops but the Arinjale gave a contemptuous, brag and insolent reply back to Asa as follows: - “If Asa (which means hawk in Yoruba tongue) can catch fowls or chicken elsewhere; tell him that he cannot catch a chicken or take a pm. away in my own town during my time”.

At first, Asa planned to send his Captain General Gidigbiyon with troops to the place, but he eventually placed himself at the head of his formidable troops and marched against Uhen to see the Arinjale personally on account of the insolent reply. The sound of his march with drums, bugles and trumpets at the approach of the town of Uhen horribly started and captivated the inhabitants and, as a result, the Arinjale and his people quickly surrendered. First of ah, Asa asked the Arinjale to repeat his reply to him and told him he had come to catch and carry away not only the chickens of his town, but the Arinjale and his people in general into captivity to Benin City.

The Arinjale was trembling and palpably begging for mercy and pardon. Immediately the hero mercifully yielded to his entreaty, but violently asked the Arinjale to pay homage to the King of Benin before him, which was promptly done by rubbing his head on the ground four times according to the formal submission and his town was then spared with a strong warning to continue his usual tribute to the King of Benin City which was accordingly carried out to the punitive expedition in 1897.
This Benin hero was generally known as Balogun Asa or General Asa in the hinterland of Ekiti or Ekiti-parapos.  Asa was kind, good and generous to all especially his troops. He was feared, honoured and respected by all.

As in token of his victories, Oba Adolo granted him the right or power to try any person under his influence by sasswood. Oba Ovonramwen also granted him the right and privilege of using a big state umbrella and also to be wearing scarlet robes etc which he also awarded to him.
Asa continued his victorious campaigns in those parts until his death which took place in 1896. His death was mourned by the whole nation.

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