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Cultism In Secondary Schools

A cult is a way of life, an attitude, an idea that has become very popular.

As people go to school to learn, so also they form cult, alongside with their studies.

Schools use to study under an atmosphere that was peaceful, gradually, the act of culticism/arm robbery is gradually eating up to the root of most public schools.

The school entirely, all the inhabitants of those in the school premises between the hours of 0730 HRS are at stake. It only takes the grace of God.

Most schools prone to these acts are schools that are not fenced. But those that are still walled with fences that are not too high, are still prone to such things.
How do you know such students?

They hardly stay in class to study. They are fond of moving aimlessly from one class to another, trying to recruit new students or trying to disturb the peace of the class and also disturb the students who refuse to join.

They do not obey laws and orders that have been laid down by the school authorities. Wherever, they commit any crime, like fighting in the school, they feel it is only twelve strokes of cane they are going to receive and that is all.

If it is a mixed school they are fond of toasting girls and any one who refuses, would be beating seriously and if possible would be hospitalised people because of fear do not go close to their so called girlfriends because they know that their lives is as stake.”

They are known to put on certain colours of attires like black, red, green and yellow berets, so also they put on mufflers with different colours, depending on the cult gang they belong to. Some put on the chaplet, it is either yellow, or those mixed with different colours, with the same bangles especially yellow, depending on which group they belong to.

Most of them, do not dress very properly, they are the student that put on low waist trousers. When they are corrected, either by their teachers, or their senior students trouble begins to brew and one begin to have fear going home after the close of day because you are going to be beaten severely.

They do not have good thoughts or do not think straight in life all they do is to destroy and this has made them basically not to be focused in life.

They are always at the bottom of the class in terms of academic performance because they are not in class 100 per cent to receive their normal lessons for the day.

They have their different modes of greetings. The way a boss would be greeted is different from the way a mere senior member would be greeted.
Most of them rape girls.

What are their motives for joining such cults?

They join cult mostly to terrorise either innocent people or as a pay back to retaliate whoever has offended them either in the past or present, for secondary school level, they fight with sharp cutlass and iron, inflicting injuries on themselves they say “Just bust em head and find your level”.

Some join cult because they just want protection either in the school environment or the society they find themselves, they just need what we call back up.

Some students just want to instill fear into their fellow colleagues, they want to be seen as big boys and girls.

Most join because of the relationship they have with their peer group or the kind of society, they have found themselves or even their main home background which is very poor.

Cultism has really brought certain people together, with unlawful and illegal common goals, their main objectives has not be proven profitable to the society in which they leave instead they have caused trouble, destroyed, vandalised destroyed properties belonging to government, sometimes robbery and kidnapping where necssary.

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