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Cultism In Secondary Schools The Way Forward

With Clementina Oyakhilome Last Update 20-06-2011

It is said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and also “the Idle mind is the devils work shop. If sporting activities, is introduced into the school, they would be willfully engaged with the spots, then by the time they are tired of the games.

They find its difficult to gather after closing instead they go back home tired this has also made them occupied body and soul. Instead of thinking of how to gather and recruit more people into their dangerous cults.

They would now be focused on how they are going to meet with their other counter parts (other school) on different sporting activities like football which is in vogue two people see it, as a lucrative business whether you are educated or not.

Parents on one hand are the sole people, spoiling and destroying their children intrnsion ally or intensionally. How? The parents are cultists and as old as they are this is what they did during their youthful exorberance which still accompanied them till old age, they are not trying to purify the system at all. If a child joins cult movement in school and he or she is arrested.

The parents quickly run to the police station, to bail the children. At times the children become customer in the police station. But a situation whereby a child commits such a crime, and the parents refuse to bail the child the first day, then on the second day, bail the child with correct warning, he or she knows you are not happy with them and they would not continue because they know that they do not have a backbone and would desist from such acts that are ungodly.

In every school, owned either by government or private groups, a counselling teacher with experience over the years should be employed, to counsel these little fragile children.

Children are gifts from God. So they should be guided well on the right track of life, If not they would not be useful in the society in which they find themselves. These teachers in ernest would be able to counsel these children and put them on the right track of life.

From the look of things. It is not only the youths that involve them selves in these act, the very young ones in the primary school, the secondary school the University Students and even Adults. If government provides jobs for any Category of worker, they would be fully engaged body and soul, knowing fully well that at the end of the month, they have a salary at hand, to keep their or their family going.

But a situation where there is no job and no money, frustration set in no hope in life mind becomes hardened, your ways become rough, rape, kidnapping, killing and bombing comes to your mind, to retaliate, This is normally done to innocent people. To reduce this crime rate, relevant jobs should be provided for the populace.

The school authorities and government should take cognisance of the children that were involved in this act right from secondary school. Even if they have graduated from higher institutions and they are contesting for sensitive posts like, Presidency, chairmen, and senators etc. they should be debarred from contesting elections or any important post in the society.

This will serve as a deterrent to others and make them to desist from their bad ways at the very beginning so that it would not affect them in their adulthood! When the populace would have needed their contribution to better their conditions.

The school authorities and the government should be able to provide an adequate cover or a peaceful environment for those that are not involved in the cultist battle police patrol, should try and patrol! The schools involved in this act occasionally and when the act is taking place.
This will prevent, endangering the lives of others.

A cult is a system of religious beliefs and rituals or adherents of an exclusive system of religious belief and practices. While cultism is a devotion to the doctrine or a cult or to the practices of a cult.

In schools some students gather together unlawfully with a common goal which is not profitable to the school or the society because they destroy, vandalise, rape girls and either beat or kill their fellow students.

Inferiority complex, peer group, or the vogue and acquiring illegal property or projecting into the future or harassment from colleagues has made many join this cult.

Here are some points for the government and heads of schools to imbibe, if their schools must be set from the act of cultism.

Schools should be walled round with a very high fence, though as to still allow the free flow of air and a gateman or ex millilitary men should be put to man such gates.

The gateman should be given the necessary instructions like opening and closing the gate at the right times and not taking bribe from the students so as to allow them free flow in and out. This will stop illegal meetings after school hours. Children seeking for admission into schools, should be made to write written examination only when he or she passed that they can now proceed for interview.

For the interview they should be properly screened. Most children entering into public schools at present are dready grown up. They look like married men and women. Some are so tall, even taller than the teachers themselves. Such students on their own do not respect anybody and if they happen to join cult, their decision are always very disastrerous.

Before the children are been admitted into schools and are given admission letters, the rules and regulations of proper code of conduct should also be included. These papers are papers where the students sign undertaking never to misbehave or join cults in schools, a situation whereby they do such acts, they are either dealt with in the school premises or expelled from school, abruptly to discontinue such acts,

In a situation where, students cultist decide to clash with another group in school, it is usually a very brutal experience which a parent or children, would not want to experience in ones life when such things happens, an investigation panel be introduced or set up, and the children involved should be expelled permanently from the school, while those caught under the act should be handed over to the police for interrogation and jungle Justice should be administered immediately this will serve as a deterrent to the other students and this would instill fear into the others and most of them would be scared to join.

It is only a wicked child, without a future ambition that would still want to continue and mobilse other students after this or her release.

Parents on their own should bring up their children, in the right way, and what is this right way? the way of GOD.

They should continually talk to the children based on the bad things like cultism. Which they must not exercise in schools.

They should let the children know about the consequences that awaits them when such things happens parents should let their children know that (1) They would not bail them from the cell and (2) that, that child would be disowned for life and finally (3) he or she would not be provided or catered for as it used to be.

When a parent sound this clearly to their children, the children would know that their parents are not in support of any bad act and they need not misbehave at school.

The number of population per admission every year is too much, how can a hundred and twenty (120) students be in one class.

There is bound to be mischievous students. A selective education is not met in public schools these days hence some private schools strive better in this aspect. The fewer the better this will allow perfect management of pupils in schools. 

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