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Cultism: Still A Deadly Affair!


CULT is like marriage, which is an institution where certificate is awarded as the seal for the union and as a bond. In Cultism, the consequences are revealed only if you are a member. There is no library that will provide detailed information about any cult group.

What you can get from any secret cult member is to lure you to some positive ego stimulating gain, you may not live to see the lost of it or regrets and the everlasting stigma will be your portion. The flood of tribulations that follow will not be talked about.

Cultism is a religion or a religious sect generally considered to be extremist or false, with its followers often living in an unconventional manner under the guidance of an authoritarian, charismatic leader.

New members are lured into the confraternity by various subtle means and empty promises. Recruits are enticed by the prospect of having access to money and employment opportunities.

Confraternities claimed that they could grant new members the power to defend themselves and loved ones, improve their reputation and social standing and facilitate contact with influential people and those often the opposite sex. These promises were often never realized, there are many forms “soul winning” or (initiation) can take, but the greatest offence we can do to our neighbour is to recruit him/her to join us in doing evil. That is worse than murdering him / her.

Cultism is like killing one spiritually, whereas normal murder involves killing one physically. When a new recruit joins a cult group, he is inculcated with respect for spiritual fortification and trained in common tactics of physical combat, such as hand – to –hand combat and the use of fire arms.

Many students today have found that shortly after consulting any medium such as being initiated into secret cult or visiting some spiritualists, they are usually tormented by evil spirits and this some times develop into insanity, hallucination, and mental retardation or other terrible deformity in life. An exchange of destiny is carried out during satanic transaction or evil communication between cultist and demonic forces to consolidate their security.

Why do some youths/students involve in cult activities?

Young people join cults /gangs for array of raison d’etre, some of which are the same reasons children join other pro- social groups such as boys brigade, girls guide, Boy scouts, Girl Scout, Red Cross, Man O –War, etc.

Some of the reasons for joining a cult / gang may include negative influence or peer pressure, curiosity of the unknown, the need for identification and protection against oppressions, power acquisition for physical safety and protection, parental / guidance failures in moral development , ignorance, a family tradition, a sense of self worth and status, a search for love, structure and discipline, fear of being intimidated/ molested / bullied, poor or shattered parental upbringing / background, financial advancement enhancement, inferiority or supremacy complex, to be reared and dreaded, shows off, spirit of oppression, to gain popularity, a prove of acceptance, friendship, guidance, and actions, social inference, inadequate and or mis – information on cults / gangs.

The purpose of treating this topic is to bring to your awareness that against your perception on what you know about initiation in cultism, it has assumed an unsuspecting dimension, generally and traditionally, initiation is done at night. If during the day, the place must be dark and obscure. It is usually coded from non- members.

After a prospective member, has been discovered, the rite of initiation begins. This ranged from ten minutes to three months. Depending on a cult group and the initiation rites. Many lives have been terminated or maimed due to the rigous of initiation procedures. This severity includes beating, axing, matcheting etc by students on alcoholic, hard drugs, and under satanic influence. Hence, there is no way we can go through the process of initiation without an everlasting mark to show for it.

Today, initiation, has assumed a more sophisticated and dangerous dimension. You can be initiated without your knowledge while you are physically present with them.

You may ask how this is possible, its simple. When you have a friend who is a member or when one of their members is detailed to get you, he begins to take you on outings or gallivanting. In the process of the nude print the town red, you begin to feel different from other students and before you know what is happening your reasoning spirit is in captivity. Infact, at this point, coupled with prospecting initiates unsuspecting initiation, you must have concluded about 65% of the initiation rites such that when you are formally cajoled to join you will be too weak to say no.

In the course of initiation, an oath of allegiance is taken and this forbids the said member from revealing any secret information on the activities of a particular secret society. The oath taken is so powerful and highly spiritual that a new member feels a burning sensation in him. The cultists feel additional power descending on him or / her and as such begin to see themselves as a super human.

Cultist is demonic. During initiation the members undergo some rituals to gain demonic protection for themselves. This, they call “intight” or fortification. The blood used for the initiation is a sigh of an everlasting covenant to pay total allegiance to the concerned daity or gods. The deification accorded to these deities or gods involves the spirit of these super natural forces on members, and a such, they are subjected to the demands of the gods. Almost all the initiates patronize shrines of different native doctors or spiritualist to fortify them against any attack with piecing objects, such as gun, matched, etc from penetrating their bodies, to alert them against sudden attack from rival cult groups, muting within members aggrieved students or concerned authorities, to have an edge over others especially the school management, the lecturers, the security operatives, etc.

Cultism is not a free way to living, it is a life full of regiments with deadly penalties on erring members. It is barbaric in nature, an idol worshipping which can be likened to living in the Dark Age – what a draw back. Cultism is another way of life in all ramifications. It is highly spiritual. It therefore subjects her members to the spiritual needs of the gods it believes in. No one goes in and remains the same. There would have been some changes physically, psychologically, socially, spiritually and mentally. This is what is called the 3p231m transformation.

In most cases, it is irreversible, that is the most annoying part of my findings research has shown that most cultist possess or are transformed to posses some of the following habits, attitudes or character are callousness, Dreadfulness, waywardness, Drug addition and or trafficking, arrogance, they become possessed with unknown destructive forces, rapist, armed robbers, assassins.

The continuous existence of cultism is made possible by the support of some powerful groups, like lecturers who were members during their undergraduates days and influential personalities in the society. There influential personalities in the major evils that corrupt good manners because student cultists are encouraged by the support they receive from them.

Renouncing the membership of a cult is usually difficult. Research has shown that it is never complete unless God arrests the cultist or there is truly an inner drive or conviction. This is irrespective of whether you are in school or not. Many cultist who had renounced their memberships were killed for renouncing, while others are still on the run.

Adequate rehabilitation facilities were not provided for those who truly renounced their membership, and as such cultism has remained unabated.

Many ignorant and short sighted students hope to join cult with the intention of quitting later. I am sorry. Have a re – think and drop that dream or else you will be moving towards a life of regret. We must have seen members who renounced their membership partially inorder to deceive people in believing that they have made up their minds in renouncing cultism. They never have peace of mind. Every now and then, rival groups and those they have wronged knowingly or unknowingly are intimidating them. Also some of them cannot fit well into the society because they are seen as killers, drug addicts, and dangerous being.
Cultists always have pain both in their soul or inner being, and in their heads. It is a clear conclusion that every cultist suffer after renouncing his/her membership and often after graduation when the dawn of reality is unraveled to him/her. It is a common fact that a renounce or gangster/cultist that forsakes such groups are considered collateral damage, and when violent inter cults/gangs conflict arises, it does not matter whether you have renounced or not, it is all a matter of killing the said “renounce” to count settle scores or to pass a message of threat to others.

While in school or even after leaving school, cultists are always restless, they are always anticipating dangers. For how long shall one remain like this? Because their brands are not clear, and in that they have committed so many atrocities, they always believe that someone is out there waiting for the opportunity to strike on them.

How would they have rest of mind? Have they forgotten how they have made other people restless? They put so many families in an unforgettable grief. A case of a great and notorious cultist was expelled from one of the Universities in the Northern part of Nigeria, and even since then he was been a “blug” on his parents. He could not blend into the normal progressive society because his orientation about life is completely different from others. I tell you, I madman on the street is better than him. I cannot say if he is normal or abnormal, but he is suffering from hallucination.

Cultist are like Cain in the holy Bible, whose fore head was branded with a mark of murdering his brother. Cultist are generally viewed as killers, destroyers, bad element and wayward entities in the society, and as such as considered as dutcast in the normal progressive societies. Every known or suspected cultist is always stigmatized. The odious name “cultist” has already been branded on them.

To the cultist, untimely death and careless death is inevitable, it is a big regret wherever cultist is killed by a rival cult member, it is either his head, hands, legs are cut off, his body battered or his intestines gutted out, some are usually roasted alive, some are bathed with acids, some are buried alive or tied legs and hands before being thrown into rivers or deep seas, for some their own eyes are plucked out, etc what a lamentable and wasteful ways to die!.

A wide investigation has revealed that majority of the student cultists are HIV/AIDS positive. Amazing! Isn’t it? Yes, it is. The question is why is cultist at higher risk of H.I.V. Aids, this is because of the use of same sharp object for piercing and extraction of drug during initiation, it has been confirmed from various sources that rapists do not normally use condom, the use of same syringe and needle during drug orgy in order to boost their confidence, the female initiated cultists are made to undergo unprotected sex by their counter parts during initiation and they are further exposed by continuous practice of prostitution to meet their insatiable material needs.

A lot of bad habits like smoking, alcoholism, drugs, prostitution or womanizing, idolatry etc. are usually not easy to do away with. To be fore warned is to be fore armed. Clandestine society is not a way of life but a sure passage to destruction.

Everything that has a start must surely have as end, stay away from violent acts, he a free man, with a free will.

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