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Ebohon was born and trained at Ova, a village in the Benin District. He was a very tall and valiant man.His extreme outrage soon marked him out in the village and consequently he was placed in command of various Royal Troops by Oba Adolo. He won some splendid victories and was known as a famous General.

He led the Benin Army against Prince Ogbewekon in Ishan in 1853-4 and successfully gained the victory. He was also dispatched to Urhuekpen with an army to check Ogedengbe’s depredation. To meet his scheme, Ebohon posted himself at Orhua, eagerly watching the opportunity to attack the invader. Firstly, he sent an imperative message through Otubu and others to Ogedengbe to return home-ward from the Benin Division which he was aiming to invade, otherwise Benin would likely have been into struggle to check his depredation.

This warning Ogedengbe obeyed and returned homeward after having seen Ebohon personally and shaken hands warmly with him for his surpassing courage. Ebohon then marched back to his camp in an exalted state of mind which often attended the consciousness of one having performed a noble deed.

Ebohon gained many splendid and formidable victories in the various campaigns which he undertook. Latterly he was hailed as a hero and satisfactorily rewarded by the Oba in token of his victories. Finally Ebohon was awarded the title of the Iyase of Udo, but the hero unfortunately died at Ikoka where he made a halt on his way to Udo to assume his new office. His remains were interred there and he was mourned by all. An Iroko Tree miraculously sprang out at the side of his head at the spot on which he was buried.

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