General Ebeikhinmwin
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Last Update June 16, 2021

Ebeikhinmwin was the second son of Ebegbe then the Osodin of the Lower Uselu of Iyoba. He was made one of the Sword Bearers of Oba Ovonramwen very early in the reign: He was an able, expert wrestler and brave warrior. On one occasion he alone caught a big cow and tied it and at a yearly Royal festival of the gods of war (Ogun) he cut a big ox with a stroke of the sword. He was therefore rewarded and discharged from being a Sword Bearer by the Oba.

Ebeikhinmwin who had always boasted of his gigantic strength before the Oba, that troops shall never enter Benin City while he lived seized the opportunity of posting himself and his troops at Gwatto (Ughoton) to check the progress of the British troops early in February, 1897, when it was told that they were coming to the City by that route. A desperate fight took place at Aro OIokun of Gwatto and many of the British were killed. The survivors retreated and sailed away to take another direction unknown to Ebeikinmwin. When he heard that the City had been captured and the Oba had fled he rebelled on account of the Oba’s flight and left Gwatto to Eko Emeben (Emeben’s camp) and began to pillage and massacre.

He killed Igbedion of Okohuo, Oturu and Okpetu of Iguiko and many others. Consequently, the Oba sent two messengers at Erua where he had sought refuge to tell him to stop pillaging and massacring but Ebeikinmwin sent them back with violence He said I shall never yield to the instruction of the Oba who fled from his capital when the British troops were approaching the on February l9th, 1897 and shamed the land.

He seized three young women of the Osodin of Uselu and was preparing to extend his depredations to Okeluhen when a report of him was brought to the Acting Resident captain E.P.S. Roupell, who at once set out with a few soldiers to attack him. He was unexpectedly surrounded when he was busy working in his farm, without guns and ammunition with him and not at all aware of the danger. After being shot and wounded in the leg, he was captured and brought to Benin City in May, 1897. After a trial he was executed in June of the same year. All Ebeikinmwi’s soldier and followers were able and brave warriors as he was himself.

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