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Last update 03-06-2020) 

THE old kukuruku Division which Etsako belong is for most part, rolling upland territory rising from the valleys of the Orle and Edion Rivers towards the north where ridges of rocky hills outcrop. The hills are of weathered granite, the lower ones covered with laterite and the higher with massive granite boulders. While the rest communities occupy lower-lying area, the North Ibie and Okpella communities are situated in the higher rocky areas along the ridges popularly known as the kukuruku hills. The area is inundated with caves, tunnels and hills which provided natural defense and protection for inhabitants before the advent of the Europeans. These rocks of varying igneous and sedimentary types are now of major economic significance to the clans and the nation as a whole. A large numbers of rocky ridges with sharp deep valleys in between them dominate the land features. The declivities have perception ascents and heading descents, in addition to a comprehensively level lying tableland. The actions of weather have laid bare the hill tops exposing to view their granite rock forming the main constituent of the hills that abound in the area there are also other species of rock types, of which limestone is in large quantity and has come to encourage mining as well as allied industries in the area.

Etsako territory is bounded by the Niger River on the east and the boundary with kwara state of Northern Nigeria on the north. The northern part of the area has some high forest which thins out towards the, incoming orchard bush in the territory of the northern parts of Avianwu and Uzairue clans.

Fresh water is in abundant supply for the inhabitants, this is provided by streams lakes and rivers. Some of these sources of natural water are fast drying up due to ecological changes and reckless deforestation of the area.

The soil is fertile, loamy and well drained by the traversing streams and rivers .These sources of water supply coupled with the fertility of the soil favours agricultural production and possibly accounts for preference for farming is the major occupation in the area as well as attracting the people of the neighbouring tribes to farm on Etsakoland

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