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(Last Update June 10, 2023)

Ogwashi Ukwu is a town in Delta State, Nigeria. It is located west of the state capital, Asaba and is the headquarters of the local government area, Aniocha South. The population of Ogwashi-Ukwu is about 26,137 according to the GeoNames geographical database.

The people of Ogwashi-Uku speak Enuani Language otherwise known and referred to as Delta Igbo. Other Nigerian languages are spoken by immigrants in the community from different parts of the country which include Hausa, Yoruba, Ukwuani, Isokos, etc. As a result of the presence of different ethnic groups in the community, to ensure effective communication, English is also used as a means of communication especially the Pidgin English.

Ogwashi-Uku portrays facts that the people from the Bini kingdom were the first to settle in Ogwashi-Uku (see Ben Nwabua, Ogwash-uku Kingdom, 1000 Years of Traditional Democracy and Cultural Life, 950-1914)

Both traditional and empirical sources gives credence that Ikelike Benin people were the first set of immigrants to settle in the present Ogwashi-Uku as against the notion that Adaigbo who purportedly came from Nri in present Anambra State today is the founder of Ogwashi-Uku. So far, no counter claim has been made on this. The story further goes that at the head was Odigie Ikelike with his younger brother Ado who later founded Adonta, a relatively small village close to Azungwu in Ogwashi-uku today. The Ikelike migrants were said to be politically averse and could not, therefore evolve an orderly method of governance even though there were small in number.

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