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How Olu of warri is chosen

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You cannot aspire to be Olu of Warri because there are processes and procedures before you dream of becoming Olu of Warri. You would observe that the Olu does not die. The day the calabash is broken is same day a new Olu emerges or announced. That tells you it is a continuous process. Unlike Benin where you have the Heir Apparent known from birth, in Itsekiri you cannot determine who would be the next Olu until the translation of an Olu.
As soon as the Olu go to meet with the ancestors, that is when the work starts for the royal family members. They sit among themselves and decide on the throne. At the end of the day, the chiefs write to them to present three candidates for them to choose. They address the letter to the head of the royal family. They gather among themselves. The children of the transmuted Olu do not participate in such meeting.

There is an edict dictating how a new Olu should emerge in Itsekiri land. The edict spells out all the procedures. One, the children of a metamorphosed Olu must have an Itsekiri mother or an Edo mother.

The first choice of successor is his children if the Olu had a male child from an Itsekiri or Edo wife .If the Olu does not have any child that qualifies, the lot now falls on his brothers.

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