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(Last update 10-09-2018)

As the name implies, Oto-Uromi (Uromi land) is celebrated for a day in July or early August to appease the land of Uromi so as to produce good harvest. It is always held on an Uromi market day, always fived by the Onojie of Uromi acting on the advice of the elders and chiefs. An interval of 15 days is always given between the announcement and the date of celebration to allow for preparation.

It is a customary law that nobody goes to the farm on the day of celebration. Although the entire people of Uromi are involved in it, people from Umuwazi village called Egbele-Iwienbolo and Ikekiala, play a great role.
The ceremony is performed by Iwienbola people on a chosen spot where four sticks of chalk, four kola-nuts, some cowries, ripe pumpkin and a dog are used in appeasing the soil. There is merriment in every home as women send gift to their husbands for apportioning areas of the farm to them for the year. Uromi town is always in festival mood as dances are to be seen everywhere on the streets.

Few days after, the Onojie of Uromi summon his elders and chiefs and through them thank the people for making the celebration a success.

Other festival celebrated in Uromi: Amukpe yearly in the month of August for one day.

Significance: To usher in the new yams
Historical Background: It was started by their forefathers
Brief on the highlights of the festival: Juniors go to clear the farm plots of the senior members of the family. The senior men them give gifts of beans to the junior members on returning from farms,. During the evening, there is great dancing and feasting.