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(Sample programme B) Marriage Under Customary Law in Great Benin

Last Update (July 9, 2020)


(1) The family members of the Bride are seated.

I ra ya san ibo Edion simwin eno yan owa)

(2) Invited Guests arrive.

(3) Arrival of the Groom, his family friends and the family guide or sponsor.

Gha fian ebe vba, kue kue wa b ‘okhian (Osuomwan) Ima da nuwa. Do rhie oghene or ve evbee N’yanuen

(4) Formal welcome of the visitors and OPENJNG PRAYERS. Father or of Bride to-be, presents kola nuts ‘and drinks of “welcome Visitors” Both sides are introduced, together with the other guests.

(5) Declaration of purpose of visit by Groom’s spokesman or Osuornwan. They are asked To break the kola a pray for success of their mission.

Ekiomo ado, Urherhe gha de, ovbokhen-uvbi

(6)The okaegbee or leader of the groom’s family accepts the kola nuts and drinks. He prays
For all present, the host as well as the success of the of the day’s event.

Va evbee ni ya nuen Erha omo oghi da ona

(7) Sharing of kola nuts and drinks.

(8) Groom’s family presents kola nuts and drinks “to knock at the door” They restate the reason for their visit. .

Ikhian ya rhie ohe no k’obo osa re

(9) Who is the Groom-to-be for whom request is being made Groom to-be.  He is formally asked to come forward for introduction to bride’s family.

Nana gha de (name of the bride-to.be may be used in the song

(10) As request is beg considered, Visitors must be able to pinpoint the girl of their choice description name etc the damsel.

Evbere vbere mamwen-ode

(11)Identification parade of the household’s eligible Maidens. The Bride-to-be is identified, and then sits with her family.

Ovbokhan- uvbi zowe Ohamwan zowe

 (12) Acceptance of the Groom’s kola nuts and drinks by Bride’s family. The Okaegbee Breaks the kola nuts, prays, the drinks are served and some taken to the inner chambers.

Reghe reghe urhu mwen ghi tie Esin  golo  golo

(13) Recognition and Acceptance of Groom by the Bride. Groom sits with his family.

Emwin yo omwan aru

(14) Groom’s family restates their desire.

D’ emwin na ghiru Vbe edinran

(15) Bride’s family may propose another date gives formal consent as requested after consultations

Ugie omo ma do vbe ran

(16) Groom’s family overwhelmed with the joy of success, gives. Profuse thanks to Bride’s family.

Oghogho era ya dugie edenere

(17) Groom’s family presents “Thank you” Drinks kola nuts (EVEN NUMBERS) and assorted Drinks.

(18) Payment of Bride-price

(a) The Groom’s representatives go out to “see” i.e. to present gifts, to the IBIEGUAE, the young men and adolescents of the Bride’s household.

Aigbe mwen Omo etc

(b) Then they also go out to (Inner Chambers) “to see” the Bride’s mother and present gifts.

(c) The leader of the IBIEGUAE, and after him, the Bride’s mother comes in to confirm satisfaction with, and receipt of, their dues.

Iye-omo Rhi igho

(d) Payment of Bride-price, and its acceptance by the Bride’s family.

Omo no ma gie owa de

(19) IGBE-RI-GUE: (Confirmation of marriage) Groom kneels down his father supports him by placing his hands on his son’s shoulders. He is called by his first name six times by Okaegbee of the Bride’s family. He does not make any response.

Agha bu Ude

(20) The Grooms name is Called the SEVENTH time by Bride’s father. The Groom, this time answer: “EEYOO! “HEYO” i.e. “Here I am”.

Ohe ni ma rhie de na

(21) The Bride’s father then says: “I give you, from this day forth, my daughter (mentions her name) in marriage”. Advice to the Bride and Groom on the Dos and Don’ts of the family by the Okaegbee or delegated spokesman then follows.

(22) Bride’s father then prays for the Bride, takes her by the hand and places her ceremonially on the lap of the Groom father on SEVEN counts. For this, a fee is charged.

(Ighogho N’…. name Ighogho N’…. name of bride yerre a gha ronmwen odo ta rhie ogho ne

(23) Grooms father in turn prays for the bride and then places her once, on his son’s lap, (she later sits on a chair next to her husband).

Erhumwun ana ke mo de gha de…. Odo o re okpo

(24) Again, Groom’s parents present full is of “Thank you” items, including kola nuts and drinks. This also includes a bowl of coconut slicing, a jug of fresh palm wine, tubers of yams bush meat etc Bride’s family pray for the newly married couple.

Uleghe mwe neovbi bo
(24) Again, Groom’s parents present full is of “Thank you” items, including kola nuts and drinks. This also includes a bowl of coconut slicing, a jug of fresh palm wine, tubers of yams bush meat etc Bride’s family pray for the newly married couple.

(25) Merriments: Food and Drinks are served by the Bride’s parents.

The percussion Band takes over the music- making for the rest of the evening.

(27) The Master of ceremonies announces the arrival of the Bride’s Groom to the pavilion for the socials.

(28) He introduces the social chairman Chairlady, parents of the Bride and
Groom and other dignitaries present.

(29) Opening Prayers: and Breaking of kola nuts, Brief speech by the Chairman.

(30) The social evening opens with a formal dance by the Chairman and Chairlady.

(31) Dance with the Bride and Groom.

(32) Dance by 0ther groups with Bride and Groom.

(33) Closing prayers.

(¡) The song “ovbioha z’ owe re is reserved for the time the bride is led to the husband’s residence. So also Is “Ughughumwun” i.e. removal of Obstacles on the way.

(¡¡) A separate day falling on an appropriate Market day will be chosen for the bride to be led in final procession to the Bridegroom’s home .

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