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Written by Christopher .G. Okojie {Last Update January 20, 2022}

The causes of this bloodshed were immediate and remote. An Ubiaja man seduced the wife of the Onojie of Ewohimi - an abomination, but the adulterer was not under the jurisdiction of the Onojie, there was no one to punish him. To cool his frayed temper, he came down to Ubiaja dropped a head - no matter whether the unlucky man had known his exonerated not, what mattered being that an Ubiaja head had rolled on the grass in atonement of his lost wife! This was an overt act of war and skirmishes soon broke out between Ewohimi and Ubiaja. Okhuesan, wedged in-between Ewohimi and Ubiaja, by its position undeservedly suffered during the initial skirmishes; on many occasions Ubiaja dropped heads rather indiscriminately on their way to Ewohimi, and to their chagrin, the heads turned out to belong to Okhuesan farmers! So Okhuesan declared for Ewohimi. Ubiaja then brought its whole weight on Okhuesan, and hearing that their brother was attacked, Okhuodua came to Okhusan's rescue, and swelled the rank of Ewohimi's allies; Ubiaja therefore had the worse of the fight.

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