The Appellations of the Oba of Great Benin
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{Last Update November 5, 2022}

1. Ovbi’ Umogun Oza- The Child of the Oba whose mother hailed from Ola

2. Ovbi’ Ekpen N’ Owa- The son of the home leopard

3. Ovbi’ Adimila- The son of Adimila

4. Ikeji Orisa- Second in command to the gods

5. Agbaghe, N’Ovbi Olokun- Olokun’s son, the cynosure of all mortals

Oba Ewuare II

6. Abieyuwa N’Ovbi Odua N’uhe- The son of the wealthy Odua of Uhe

7. Ovbi’ Ada, Ovbi’ Eben- The child of the owner of the Ada =(scimitar) and Eben = (royal sword) Edo symbol of sovereignty.

8. Ovbi’Ekenekene ma doyo - The son of beauty that never fades.

9. Ovbi’Ekuaho N’Olo, Ovbi’Ekuabo N’Olo- The son of the rocky arm, the brave and powerful.

10. Ovbie Ikpinhianbo kpuru no Gb’oduma- The son of the short fingered man that was still able to kill a lion.

11. Nohien utete no gh’ughe s’omwan- The king on a hill, who sees more than everybody.

12. Ovbi’Oghonwan nei bun aro- The son of the fearless, who looks without twinkling his eyes

13. Ovbi’ode, ode n’ohan ren mu’ ete- The son of the warrior whose enemies got frightened at the announcement of the approach

14. Uku Akpolokpolo- The mighty that rules

15. Ovbi’ Adolo no dolo uwa dolo utomwen- The son of the wise judge and peace maker who combined wisdom and wealth with long life

16. Ovbi’ oven owie no gbaisi- The son of the morning sun that covers everywhere

17. Ovbi’ Akpogunla, ogie no y’igho b’owa- The child of the womb of Akpogunla – the warrior who fought big wars and built a house of cowries

18. Oba n’osa- A king that is god

19. Ovbi’ otolo n’olomi; Ologberonmwon nei rie- iruen, ebo, ayemwinre eminiminimini The son of the water controller, the son of beauty itself, the starter of things and the person whose reign saw people with many tongues
Umogun gha tọ kpẹre!!!

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