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The Emerging Modern Benin City

By Imonikhe r.e. Last updat 28-09-2011

One beautiful morning, I had to take an elderly family friend of mine out on a ride through some major streets of Benin.

She had been indoors for sometime as a result of ill health but has been hearing of the amazing things happening in the so called ancient City of Benin and decided to see things for herself Our journey started from the Sapele Road axis of the town by the popular Santana Market.

She observed the changes on that road with keen interest, when we got to the King Square she exclaimed is “this Ring Road”? I said Mama hold on. As we made a turn round the museum, she said “eee you mean one can now see beyond Ring Road to Airport Road as far as to the traffic light?” immediately she directed my attention to the disappearance of the U. RA. Motor Park by Oredo Local Government Council.

Then I told her of Government’s intention to transform that spot into a Garden comparable to the biblical Garden of Eden, where one could relax, in the evening and interact with nature. I added that the couples wedded at the Oredo marriage Registry would no longer have to bear the pains of seeking for a serene environment to take photographs as they would only have to walk across into the Garden and take as many shots as they desire. She exclaimed again “Benin wan turn to abroad so”.

We veered into Mission Road she screamed “Jesus Christ is Mission Road as wide as this?” Mama you have not seen anything yet I said. As we drove on, she continued see the free flow of traffic. I thought we had so many vehicles in Benin City. 1 never knew that the road was narrowed by the activities of street traders. Hee! See how orgainsed and beautiful the area looks.

When we got to Dawnson Junction, we turned left to Urubi, then to new Lagos Road through Uselu. She kept nodding her head. As we drove toward Technical College Junction, she exclaimed again “see Uselu Market! See Uselu Market!! “Na wa for dis Government O. They are trying O”. We drove on and made a U turn by the UBTH gate and headed for Third East Circular Road through the New Benin axis of the New Lagos Road. When we got to New Benin Market, she said “I know that the New Benin Confusion will not be left out of the sanitization exercise” We drove straight through the Second East Circular Road and tuned left of Sakponba Road to Third Junction.

The words that came out of her lips were “Oshiomhole you are a man”, she pointed to a spot on the right hand side of Sakponba Road by Third Junction and said,” there used to be public toilets here but suddenly there arose fearless and lawless men who converted the toilets to stores and collected rents from traders to occupy the toilet stores. We bemoaned the incidence thinking it was all over little did we know that there will arise a messiah who will one day pull down the symbol of tyranny in J3enin City. At this time she was wiping tears from her eyes.

 Then I Consoled her and said mama we are coming back to those days of peace and sanity in the streets of Benin. We will have our streets lighted in the night and there will be no barriers like illegal structures or kiosks on the roads to constitute hide outs to criminals neither will passers by or travelers answer to the call of nature again on the street because there will be public toilets locate at every strategic location in town.

Let us thank the Commissioner for Environment and Public Utilities, Prince Clem Agba and the Oga Kpata Kpata Governor Adams Aliu Oshiomhole for what they have done so far and trust that they will complete the good job. Abi mama don’t you trust them? Ah! She retorted. I trust them O. from what I have seen so far, I known they are trust worthy. May the Almighty God and the good people of Edo State help them to complete it in Jesus name. Amen I answered.

I drove her home and promised to take her round other parts of the city some other time.

Imonikhe R.E. Mrs. is of the Ministry of Environment and Public Utilities.

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