The History Of Irhue Clan
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Written By Samuel Igbinosa Nomamiukor Last Update (August 1, 2021)

Orhua my community is historically an ancient community, Orhua makes up a group of people collectively refered to as the Irhue clan that makes up the Irhue ward in Uhunmwode local government area.

Historically Orhua is where the following tribes Benin, Esan and Owan meets. The communities that makes up the Irhue clan migrated from Orhua except for Ikokogbe people in Umuokpe which migrated from Ihogbe in Benin city while the remaining communities that makes up Irhue clan including Umokpe migrated from Orhua.

Irhue in Benin and Iruekpen in Esan are like Okpe in Urhobo and Okpe in Isoko, one Okpe is Urhobo while the other Okpe is Isoko but they are Okpe.

Irhue in Benin and Iruekpen in Esan, one is Benin while the other is Esan but together they are Irhue, very much related by the virtue of the name Irhuekhide while the Irhue in Esan added Ekpen which was the deity they worship.

On who Irhuekhide was, he was the founder and the first person to settle in Orhua, he was second son of Uwase who migrated from a place called Irhuede in Benin to Ekpoma then known as Ekuma where he birthed Irhuekhide, Iruekpen on the other hand differs on the gender of Irhuekhide whom they claim was a woman but both Orhua and Iruekpen agrees that Uwase was the father of Irhuekhide.

Was Irhuekhide a woman i don't think so because he has descendants in Idumu Oghoe in Orhua which the place he settled in Orhua with his family is called Idumu Oghoe. The river in Orhua caused him to migrate from Iruekpen to Orhua. He lived and died in Orhua and was deitified, the name Irhue is derived from Irhuekhide. When he died Iruekpen people insisted that he must be buried in Iruekpen while Orhua insisted that he must be buried in Orhua which resulted in a quarrel between Orhua and Iruekpen which was resolved when he was eventually buried in Orhua, and both communitties swore that under no circumstance will an Orhua person shed the blood of an Iruekpen vice versa.

This is how they settled in Orhua.
Irhuekhide migrated from Iruekpen to Orhua and established Idumu Oghoe. Then came people from Azagba in Benin who established Idumu Orere, next came people from Ugo in Benin who established Ugo quaters , next came people from Isiemwero in Benin who established Ugboso, next came people from Igun in Benin city who founded my parternal village of Idimu Igun. Next came people from Ekuma which is now known as Ekpoma they established my parternal grand mothers Idumu called Uben Ezuben, and they came with thier deity Ebie Ekuma just like Igun people came with thier deity Idigun.

Next came people from Uhonmora in Owan who founded Idumu Ogua in Orhua they were fisher men, next came people from Ozalla also in Owan who founded Ekho quarters.

Then centuries later came people from from Umokpe who established Ubaran quarters (note Umokpe like every other Irhue communitties in Benin actually migrated from Orhua except Ikokogbe people in umuokpe who are Ogbe people and migrated from Ihogbe in Benin city)

Irhuekhide was deitified as Erhue N' Uloko Nokhua. Eventually the various Idimus merged to become Orhua community which Orhua is shortened Orhuarhua. Orhua together with communities like Umokpe, Ekpan, Oke Irhue are regarded as Irhue clan after Irhuekhide.

Because traditionally you don't marry from your Idimu because they are thesame bloodline with you hence the various Idumus in Orhua have intermingled although i don't see the difference between Benin, Esan and Owan they are all branches of thesame tree.

Anyone that understands and speaks Esan will understand Orhua dialect , anyone that understands Ora dialect in Owan will also understand Orhua, anyone that also understands the Ehor dialect which Ehor is another Benin community in Uhunmwode will also understand Orhua.

But Orhua people are also bilingual speaking both Edo language and Orhua dialect.

Orhua have always been affiliated with Benin since time immemorial, Orhua people have always regarded ourselves as Benin.

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