Oba Erediauwa's 30 Years on the Throne - Benin History at a Glance
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Written  by HENRY BALOGUN 

THIS write-up is to be viewed simply as a bird’s eye view of the panoramic life and time of our Royal Father, the Oba of Benin whose 30th Year on the throne of his ancestors is being celebrated this day in the ancient city of Benin with pomp and ceremony.

The chronicler of history may regard the 30 year reign of our Royal Majesty on the throne as years of strenuous activities resulting in dynamic changes, of ferment of ideas, of great inventiveness and expansion of the great Benin Kingdom.

Curiously though, it must be realised that the gradual growth of Benin City through these years is one of the many indication of many remarkable development of the ancient Benin empire.

It is known by many scholars and historian that the ancient Benin Kingdom had had contact with the outside world, with the European as early as the 15th century. According to Chief Nosakhare Isekhure, the Isekhure of Benin Kingdom the Benin Monarch is an International institution, known worldwide. Today however, it is as if “we have been living as it were the life of three hundred years in thirty”. It is clear that the people of Benin Kingdom in the past thirty years have found greatness stability and peace and the whole world marveling, enving them for it.

However, the great progress made so far in the kingdom would have been impossible without the striving of our Royal Father who had made sure that the Benins have not abandoned their traditional heritage and culture, even as he has also sustained it with that rhythm of life and pattern of human relationship that he extends towards mankind, thus making him a Just Monarch whose fame spread across all nations of the world.

Thus these thirty years of the reign of Oba Erediauwa are fantastic years of uninterrupted peace and the most ample scope afforded for the development of the ancient Kingdom, yet the monarch has proved his worth even in the modern setting of the 21st century.

Interestingly, our Royal Father has also through these long year been able to provide to strong and vibrant leadership that has brought more light to his people of Edo State, nay Nigeria and the rest of the world, thus reflecting his determination to maintain with vigour his service to humanity.

It is true to add that the Omo N’Oba has placed the human values of equity, justice, fairness, kindness, philanthropic activities and humanitarianism far and above other consideration in his leadership style that connotes that he is a Just Monarch.

He has ensured that the basic foundation upon which the Benin civilization is built must not be destroyed with the incursion of western values into the society. Though a few Benin sons and daughters are fast parting from their traditional heritage and culture, wondering towards sheer materialism, the monarch has been doing much to provide guidance to those whom have strayed, those who are irresponsible and immoral.

Evidently, the Benin culture and its institution advocates a code of morality, respectability and righteously shuns worldliness and materialism. The code also frowns on the rich and the powerful that would want to suppress, subject and enslave the poor and needy, yet it produces succour for the dispossessed and the under-privileged. It forbids injustice, cruelty, tyranny and despotism. It forbid falsehood, hypocrisy and lies.

Thus the traditional Benin code of ethics and law enjoins justice, peace, freedom, liberty, egalitarianism, love and equality. Thus our Benin Monarch is a just leader who is guided by divine wisdom, whose occasional pronouncement on politics, national and global affairs represents the peoples voice itself.

Our Monarch being a just father has mastered the ideas and thoughts of the modern times and can confront any issues that may be raised anytime.

The Omo N’Oba has the moral and spiritual authority which he has used in influencing the heart and mind of humanity and also to sway events.

Also our Royal Father has that dynamic wisdom and knowledge which has enabled him to understand and which tells him the absolute values upon which a society should be established and which provides whim with the sight into the operation of universal forces.

In line with the following our Royal Father has that moral will and spirituality that has also enabled him to administer his kingdom properly. He has uprooted evil and expanded the frontier of Justice, knowing that the people of Edo state are one and the same.

It is succinct to say conclusively that our Royal Father in the past 30 years Has been enjoining the right and forbidding what is disapproved, and setting aright peoples affairs, establishing justice among the people and supporting the truth against falsehood and supporting the oppressed against the oppressors. Thus is Omo N’Oba a Just Monarch.

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