The Okhudua - Ewatto War

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Written by Christopher .G. Okojie {Last Update January 20, 2022}

A few years after the death of the great OSOAH of Ewohimi a great enmity grew between the people of Okhuodua and Ewatto.

One of the earlier settlers of Okede in Ewohimi name IBHIGBODE was a maternal relative of Okhirare. This man was deified a yearly, Okhuodua went to honour him at his shrine. That meant frequently going and coming through Ewatto. Soon a friction developed between the two districts and they resorted to the only means of settling such disputes those days - their matchets! War leader ALOGUN, founder of ILIGUN IDUMU-UGBALOGUN in Uwokhuen, lead one battle against Ewatto in a desperate disregard for his personal safety, got within the Onojie Ewatto's proximity and recklessly beheaded him. To add insult to injury, came home with the head as a trophy, to the astonishment of all Okhuodua. That was too much. When a single common head fell in Ewatto to Okhuodua man's matchet Ewatto strained all nerves to retaliate dropping two heads at Okhuodua, and now their own Onojie's head been brought home to Okhuodua! Knowing that Ewatto's blood would be boiling and their reprisal would know no limit, Okhuodua decided to discretion was the better part of valour: the whole settlement and to Onojie Uzagbo made a dignified and strategic withdrawal into inaccessible jungle. This was about 1810.

Being the ruling class the not comers soon began to bring pressure upon the people who where they had shifted to. Unable to stand their arrogance any longer, URIWA people left their original settlement for a safer distance. Peace never made with Ewatto until the time of UWAIFO the peace-maker.

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