The Short History Of Akpakpava Road
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By Ekhaguosa Aisien {Last Update May 7, 2022}

An even more plausible manner of derivation of the name AKPAKPAVA surfaced recently when the subject was discussed with the Roman Catholic Archbishop of the Metropolitan See of Benin His Grace Patrick Ebosele EKPU. The story of the construction of the Benin City Cathedral five hundred years ago was told and the word PAPAVER mentioned in association with the Street on which the new Cathedral stood. In a flash the Archbishop exclaimed quietly in Latin PAPA VIA the “POPE’s WAY” or the “POPE ROAD”

Akpakpava Road Benin City

AKPAKPAVA Road before Esigie and the building of the Cathedral was called Ode Agbayo a road with a characteristic which demanded that you had to have company to traverse it safely as explained by Chief Aiyevbekpen the Eribo of Benin. This was probably because the road passed by the Agbado Market which during a dark period of its history in the Ogiso period was call:

Eki agbayo, aigbarhe:

"We might both go to this market together.
But it was possible that we both might not return safely together”

The story was that a huge monster-bird probably a survivor from the dinosaur period used to fly into the AGBADO Market on market days. It would pick up people in its great talons and cart the victim away for food. The monster was called OSOGAN and it was finally killed by citizen EVIAN the Blacksmith. Evian the patriarch of the OGIAMIEN family threw his red-hot AMA his heavy iron mallet into the open mouth of the monster as it descended ponderously from the skies, cackling and making great waves to pick up yet another victim. The monster closed its mouth on the glowing iron mallet, turned in the air in great agitation flew away was never seen again.

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