The Short history of Benin Baptist Mission
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By Ekhaguosa Aisien {Last Update May 7, 2022}

Islam pre-dated the second coming of Christianity in Benin. The first Mosque was built by prince OLOJO son of the exiled Oba KOSOKO of Lagos. His father was in exile in the EPE water-side in the Ijebu country, driven from the throne by consul BEECROFT and the British Navy in 1851. Prince OLOJO decided to move further east, along the lagoon system to Benin City where his dynastic roots lays. Oba Ovonramwen gave him a welcome reception. He settled at the beginning of Lagos Street where he built his Mosque.

Many of the Yoruba and Hausa soldiers in the colonial army who took part in the conquest of Benin and who thereafter constituted the military garrison in the City were Moslems. Their numbers greatly swelled the Moslem population already in the City.

Lagos Street Benin City
Lagos Street Benin City

The Moslems settled along Lagos Street so named for Oloja the Lagos prince .They renamed the Ada N’ Ode area of the Ugbague Quarters the area of their greatest concentration OKE IMOLEĀ  “the Dawn Hill” or “Dawn District”. The name was in celebration of their deliverance from heathenism as attested to by their embrace of Islam. It was the spot from where they hoped the light of the “DAWN” that is knowledge of ALLAH through Mohammed would spread to all parts of Edoland.

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