The Short history of Benin Baptist Mission
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By Ekhaguosa Aisien {Last Update May 7, 2022}

In November 1921 a group of young educated Christians broke away from the Anglican Mission in Benin headquartered at the St. Mathew’s C.M.S Church premises along Sokponba Road. The Church was the only one in existence in Benin at that time at the second coming of Christianity to Benin known to the colonial authorities as the Native Church it was headed during the period by Rev. Kidd an English man assisted by Deacon later Rev. E.E Ohuoba.

The disgruntled group of young Anglicans visited Lagos and approached the Rev. J.A Williams a West Indian and the Pastor in charge of the First Baptist Church Broad Street Lagos He gave them the nod and welcome them into the Baptist fold.

The short history of Baptist Mission Benin City
United Benin Baptist Mission Road
With Reverend S. I. Usuanlele as its spiritual leader
Central Baptist Church Ring Road
Under American Missionaries

In 1921 mission Road Benin had not come into existence. This can be ascertained in the sketch map of the city made by Lt O’shee of the conquering British Force in March 1897 and also in the two Government Maps of Benin City drawn in 1915 and 1920. An irregular bush path.

A split occurred in the Benin Baptist Mission over ownership of its schools and polygamist not allowed to take of the Lord’s Supper in 1940. The members on the side of the American Missionaries were given land in Ogbe quarters for its own school and church. The Mission later acquired land at the Ring Road where the Central Baptist Church now stands. The School was first opened at a temporal site along Akpakpava Road and later at Ogbe under the Headmastership of Mr. Osadolo Edomwonyi with Miss Walden as the Lady Manager. The faction of Benin indigenes became known as United Benin Baptist Mission with Reverend S. I. Usuanlele as its spiritual leader.

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