The short history of Awo street in Benin City
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By Ekhaguosa Aisien {Last Update March 31, 2022}

When the victory over Udo had been accomplished the young Oba Esigie suddenly became disorientated there by the bank of the UDO LAKE, the body of water where prince Idubor had committed suicide by drowning rather than be taken prisoner to Benin.

The Oba was brought back to Benin in this acute medical condition.

His mother IDIA portrayed in the famous FESTAC MASK sourced a Yoruba herbalist from the UGBO/ILAJE riverine area. The BABALAWO or AWO cured Esigie of his disorientation. The  AWO was thereupon  prevailed upon by the Queen  Mother IDIA to settle permanently in the City, where his services would be on tap should any further need for them arise. The IYOBA settled him in the OGBELAKA Quarters, in the called AWO Street, where he and his descendants have lived and thrived these five centuries.

Awo Street constitutes one of the sixteen traditional Guilds which make up the OGBELAKA Quarter of Benin City.

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