Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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(Last update 10-09-2018)

As the name implies Ukpe (year) is celebrated in June by all the villages comprising Ewohiwi to mark the end of one year and the beginning of another. Homage is paid to ancestors to express gratitude to them for protecting the people throughout the year.

The festival is for a four day duration and held separately by the various village-firstly by Idumuagbor and lastly by Ikeken. The celebration features entertainment, service at the ancestral shrines, exchange of gift and traditional dancing.

The festival ends on a market day when everybody appears gorgeously and dances to the market- place in Ewohimi.

Another festival in Ewohimi is the Uta, a new yam festival celebrate by women. During the festival, women present loincloths (Igbu) to their husbands as an expression of gratitude to them for farming and feeding them throughout the year.

As the name Uti (cutlass) implies, cutlasses used for farming are gathered near the ancestral shrine where the husbands bless and pray for long life for their wives. The cutlass festival is held for three days in the new yam period.