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Do you really know your man?

If any woman is confronted with the question “Do you know your man? The answer will be readily “yes”. Some women would think the questioner is crazy.

I want to declare that 80 per cent of Nigerian women do not know their men. Knowledge of one’s man is not of name only. It takes much more than name calling to know a man.

“My man’s best meal is Okro soup with pounded yam, his best perfume is this and his best colour is that” says a woman who claims complete knowledge of her man knowing a man is much deeper than his taste of food, toiletries and dresses. It requires a careful-gradual intelligent and non sentimental study and analysis to be at least 60 per cent sure of what a man is.

Think of a man who comes home at 4.00 pm every day and goes to work at 7.15 am the next morning.

He spends his weekend with his woman outside or inside their home. The wife of our model man could swear to anything that her husband does not have anything to do with any other woman.

I am of the opinion that such knowledge is not perfect but convenient for the health of the woman.

Mrs A gives a beautiful present to her husband Mr. A two days after she accuses Mr. A of ingratitude because he does not express sufficient appreciation for the gift. Mrs A goes sulking and Mr. A goes about his normal business not minding his sulking wife. One week after Mrs A confronts her husband with the accusation that he does not love her anymore. Mr. A just laughs and says nothing.

While Mr. A is quietly making plans to buy a beautiful present for his wife she mistakes his seemingly nonchalant behaviour for lack of love. She begins to tell her friends how ungrateful, unfair and unkind her husband has been to her.

She could even lose some weight because of what she does not understand.

I am of the opinion that Mrs A does not know her husband. The fact that Mr. B kisses and kisses Mrs B each time he comes home does not mean that Mr. F must do the same to his wife.

Though Mr. A proudly shows his present to all his friends, he cannot call his wife pet names to express his appreciation, therefore it does not mean that he does not like the present.

If your man is expressionless, you have to know him that way and treat him accordingly what about a man who does not like certain actions by his wife and does not know how to tell her. Although he cannot spell out to the woman his dos and don’ts his reactions, no matter how implicit can note dislike.

It is therefore very important for Nigerian women to go an extra mile in the search for perfect knowledge of their men.

A kiss, a word, a touch, to let him know you care, could reassure him of the fact that you are still the person he met, fell in love with, and married some years ago.

Perfect knowledge of one’s partner is the beginning of a stable home understanding, patience, endurance, tolerance exists in a relationship in which the persons involved have perfect knowledge of each other.

Remember that knowledge is power.

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