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7 Types Of Men A Nigeria Woman Will Not Date


1. Broke/unemployed men. Nigerian women do not like broke men. They see their man as a relfection of their status. A reflection of what their beauty was able to purchase. The more beautiful they feel they are, the wealthier their husband should be. Often times, personality, looks, and character are ignored all in the name of wealth.

2. Handsome men. In most case the richest men are not the most attractive looking men, but ironically enough, that works in the favor of many. Although a Nigerian woman may find you attractive, that does not mean that she wants to settle down with you. She will be thinking of her life with you in the long run. She does not want to spend the rest of her life beating other women away from you.

3. A man with a controlling mother. Nigerian women like to feel as though they are the ultimate queens of their households. It is impossible for one to feel like such when there is an overbearing mother in law constantly barking orders over their shoulders all day long.

4. A man who shows his sensitivity in PUBLIC. Nigerian women do not mind it if you cry. They do not expect you to be strong every day of the year, but what they do expect you to do is to always put on a show for the outsiders. Because once again, you serve as a direct representation of her. Of what she is worth, what she can capture with what she is offering. So save your tears for at night during bed time, when she can hold you in her arms. Never in front of others.

5. Nigerian women don't like predictable men because they know exactly how he'll react to everything. He follows formulas and never wants to do anything differently. For example, he'd never surprise a woman by spontaneously taking her out for the night.

6. If you are a cheap man and you are not ready to spend money on a woman, please, pack your bags and move to another country, because if you are going to be with a Nigerian woman, you better be prepared to let go of your wallet. Nigerian women don't necesscarily want your MONEY. But they do want to see how far you will go for them. How much you are willing to spend on THEM and not anybody else.

7. Nigerian women do not want to date the village clown. You get so nervous around women that you can't resist the impulse to resort to clownish behaviour. Some women might find you hilariously entertaining but in general your joker image and penchant for uncontained "humour" does not endear you to the women you want to be in a relationship with. Most women do not take you seriously - and a majority worry about how they are going to introduce you to their friends and family. Women want a man who can be respected by their friends and family.

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