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4 Ways to Sweep Him Off His Feet

By R. A. Campos (12-08-15)

These nonmushy moves will steal a guy's heart every time.

Ladies, let me break it down for you. If you want to turn your man to jelly, save the sappy stuff and keep the passion plays simple. Our definition of romance is totally different from yours. Big hint: It does not include poetry or long-stemmed roses. Seriously, nothing says "I love you" to a guy like an unexpected six-pack of beer. We're that easy. Check out the other gestures that will earn you girlfriend-of-the-year honors. 

Free Him from Family

Bonding with your folks is important. We get that. But once we're down with Dad, don't make us suffer through every family function. If you excuse your guy from attending a family affair every now and then (no guilt trips allowed), he'll worship you for weeks afterward. If you don't he'll end up feeling like Mike, 27, who says "Having weekly Sunday dinners with my girlfriend and her whole family has started to make me feel resentful. I wind up talking politics with her uncle when all I want is to be home, sprawled out on my own couch."

Indulge with Him

The old saying holds true: The way to a man's heart is through his stomach. But unlike you, we're not looking to be wined and dined at some fancy restaurant with entrées we can't pronounce. Nope, we just want to get our eat on with you. "I get so turned off when a woman is so rigid about her diet that she never sways from her order of grilled chicken over salad," says Tom, 28. "There's nothing more endearing than a chick who throws caution to the wind once in a while and goes for a burger with cheese."

Offer a Challenge

Guys get juiced over a little friendly competition. But facing off with your man doesn't require major athletic skills. Take us on in bowling, cards, or even a video game and we're bound to get hot and bothered. "I had a girlfriend who's invite me to play darts with her every time we entered a bar," says Tony, 24. "She'd bet me things like loser opens the winner's car door for a week. The challenge totally fueled me. It was like foreplay." Any babe who beats us is guaranteed a rematch.

Suggest a Sexcapade

We're not averse to a romantic roll in the hay; it's just that lighting candles and scattering flower petals on the sheets doesn't qualify. Instead, why not treat your guy to steamy circus sex moves ... in costume? Okay, I tried. You don't have to be an acrobat in bed, but switch things up from time to time: Fulfill a fantasy, consult the Kama Sutra, try anything that's not routine. "My fiancée and I were in a bookstore when I admitted that the ol' sexy librarian image does it for me," says Rudy, 24. "The next day, she met me at my place dressed the part. She peered over her glasses, pulled out her bun, and said 'Do you need help finding your Longfellow?' I couldn't get naked fast enough."

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