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Antics of a bored rich wife and her friend’s step-son!

By Bunmi Sofola, (09/10 /2017)

There’s no limit to how low some women will sink to satisfy their raging libido! Derin, a former colleague and a friend was on a well-deserved rest abroad and was looking forward to seeing the two children who currently live in their London flat. Sesan,28, is her step-son and her own son, Gbola is in his early 20s. She had hardly settled in when Gbola told her Sesan was in a hot mess that needed to be sorted out. Her precious step-son was sleeping with one of her friends!

“You do remember Mariam don’t you?” Derin asked me the minute we could really talk about the event. I remember her alright. She was much younger than Derin, barely in her 40s, but had the good fortune of getting hitched to a rich widow.

She seemed to have it all—two lovely children, a nice house and a much older husband who dotted on her… . Most women in her situation would have been happily singing songs of praise, but not Mariam.

She wanted more out of life. A highly sensual person, she constantly craved sex and her poor husband couldn’t cope. According to Derin, she ran into Sesan at a wedding and invited him over for lunch the following Sunday.

“No one knew if the invitation was premeditated as Mariam knew who Sesan was—my step-son,” Derin said. “But a few weeks later, Gbola said she came visiting with a hamper of mouth-watering dishes—and two chilled bottles of wine.

My son spent a few hours with them, but seeing Mariam he wasn’t in a hurry to leave, he went to bed. Mariam must have left with Sesan because Gbola didn’t see him till the next day.

When Sesan bragged much later that he had a hot older girl friend he was shagging, my son protested, reminding him she was my friend. But Sesan just shrugged and kept on meeting Mariam for sex.

She knew what she was doing was wrong but her needs were stronger than her conscience, and her poor husband had no chance matched against a stud like Sesan. She sent her lover sexy text messages and pictures of herself naked.

My son wanted to use Sesan’s phone when he saw everything and sent all messages to his phone so I could see them. “I couldn’t believe what I read, along with the images of a naked desperate temptress trying to snare a much younger lover.

I was thinking of what to do when Mariam’s husband paid us a visit. He didn’t know I’d arrived,he came to ask Gbola to warn Sesan off his wife. He said he had gone to work as usual, but felt ill and went back home unexpectedly. “I heard moaning from the bedroom and ran upstairs. I tried to turn the bedroom door handle but it was locked.

I was enraged, something was definitely going on that shouldn’t. I forced the door open and to my disgust, was my wife in bed with Sesan on top of her. Both of them were naked. Sesan was in shock.

Without thinking, he leapt from the bed and ran out of the house. When I looked out of the bedroom window, he was clutching his clothes and running like a man possessed in one of my towelling robes. I was livid. I slapped Mariam a couple of times and threatened to let Gbola know what was going on, I didn’t know you’d arrived the country. “How could Mariam have stooped this low?

Her husband persuaded me to come with him so we could both talk some sense into her. What choice did I have? Besides, I was curious to know what madness possessed her to do what she did knowing all she had to lose.

Sesan could never offer her a fraction of the luxury she enjoyed with her husband. She was mildly shocked when she saw me and said the bedroom incident was a one-off.

Weeping profusely, she begged her husband it would never happen again—that Sesan was infatuated with her and she was more or less blackmailed emotionally to sleep with him. I had to plead with her husband to give her another chance.

The poor man was obviously besotted with her as he readily forgave. When Mariam saw me off, I told her I’d seen some of the texts and picture messages she sent to my step-one.

She looked a bit embarrassed but promised that would be the end of the affair. So you can imagine how shocked I was when Gbola told me he believed the relationship was still on. That despite all their promises, the lovers couldn’t keep away from each other and had began texting again.

Sesan had even gone to Mariam’s house for sex at least once. That did it! “This time, I knew her husband would be at work and really laid into her when I called at her house. How could she consciously destroy everything she’d built over the years? “It was then she confessed her husband was almost impotent. That Sesan saved her marriage in a way and he hadn’t done anything that he didn’t want to. I had to call my husband to tell him everything, the way the affair was going,

Mariam’s husband could resort to desperate measures—especially if he lost his house along with his wife. My husband had to show Sesan the depth of his disapproval by coming down as soon as he could.

This time, Sesan wasn’t as defiant as he was when I appealed to him to leave Mariam alone. In fact, he was scared especially when his dad threatened to throw him out of the house. “Whaven’t heard anything yet from Gbola and I pray that Mariam sees reason.

London is a very cosmopolitan city and she could get any young stud she wants; there are agencies that specialize in things like that without putting your marriage in jeopardy.

Poor Sesan didn’t have a chance against a desperate house-wife with a lot of money and time on her hand. We only hope that he’ll have enough will-power to wean himself off the forbidden fruit he’d bitten into….”

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