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Drink less water, risk a dry vagina, painful sex


Women’s health experts have said that when a woman forgets to drink enough water, she risks having a dry vagina.

Sherry Ross, an expert in women’s health, says when a woman doesn’t drink enough water, her vulva and the inside of her vagina are likely to be drier.

Vagina dryness makes sex painful, experts warn.

She notes that failing to drink enough water can also lead to itchiness, burning, and pain down below.

A spokesperson for the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Dr. Vanessa Mackay, says water intake is necessary for overall bodily function.

She says, “The human body needs water or other fluids to function properly and to prevent dehydration.

“Vaginal dryness is a common issue caused by all sorts of things, such as breastfeeding, childbirth, not being aroused before sex, contraception side-effects, and cancer treatment – so it’s important we don’t explain it away by telling women to ‘just drink more water’ rather than tackling the root cause of the issue.”

Mackay however notes that drinking plenty water is good for keeping the entire body running smoothly – including the vagina.

The bottom line: Yes, drink water. But it may not transform your vagina into a lush rain forest of lubricated perfection.

If you’re experiencing uncomfortable vaginal dryness, see your doctor!

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