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Edo Women

Cherry Igbinedion

Last update 11-06-2010
Cherry Igbinedion Is the wife of the flamboyant Esama of Benin Kingdom. Since the Beijing Women Conference of September 1995, it is easy to say, besides and not behind every successful man; there you would find a woman who is not only just standing by, but as well actively getting involved in the execution of project(s) at hand. Lady Cherry L. Igbinedion, the amiable Jamaican- born heart-throb of the Esama of Benin Kingdom, is one woman who can safely
be said to have contributed her bit to the outstanding success story of the Igbinedion household. She was right beside her husband as they traversed top-class schools overseas to forge a model for their intentions. The outcome was the establishment of one of Africa's leading private Education Centre in Benin City. The pioneering role of the Centre in the now popular Montessori model of education in Nigeria can hardly be in doubt. The combined excellence of the nursery, primary and secondary schools in terms of products and output coupled with the Igbinedion Montessori Teacher Training Centre to prepare teachers for competing schools, earned the institution clear identity and a much valued pronouncement by the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) that the Igbinedion Education Centre is one of the four leading schools in the West African sub-region.Igbinedion Education Centre under her directorship in collaboration with council, management and staff has taken this Centre of Academic Excellence to enviable heights.

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