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Edo Words & Origins
Ekhosuehi Blog
The Prophetic Bird Of Edo Culture
The Prophetic Bird of Edo Culture is a red bird with long beak, the cry of which is said to be prophetic. If it cries “Oya—O” — disgrace, it portends danger or disaster ahead. If it cries “Oliguegue” - be grateful, it portends good ...>> More
Ebosele Blog
Marriage under Esan Native Law And Custom
Strictly in Esan custom there were three ways by which a man could come to have a wife: by betrothal, dowry system & by inheritance >> More
Osarobo Blog
What Is Customary Laws ?
stomary law is the ancient regulatory rules or norms which are generally accepted by the people subject to it as binding among them >> More
Owan/Ora Native Law And Custom