Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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Adams Oshiomhole
Edo state Executive Governor and Benin kingdom / Edo state chief security officer
Oba Ewuare II
The reigning monarch of Benin kingdom
Chief S.U.Igbe
Second in Command & Benin kingdom Prime Minister
Oloi Iroghama
The Senior Queen
{Eson N' Erie}

The land area now known as Edo state, located in what is called south-south part of Nigeria or the Delta region, has a long history of civilization. It is partly what remains of the once powerful and famous imperial Benin kingdom one of the most powerful Africa Empires during 15th and 16th century. The body of water called the Bight of Benin and Dahomey the former French colony now called Republic of Benin derived their names from the famous imperial Benin kingdom. According to Seo Ogbonmwan "they acknowledges that we were Benins and lived in Benin City long before them hence they visited the palace of our Oba in Benin City for consultation before their name change in 1975 from Republic of Dahomey to the People's Republic of Benin".

The Benin Empire authority and influence spreading to the coast of Benin republic, the Niger delta, the north west of Niger River and Onisha in the east. Benin City now serving as the headquarters of Oredo Local Government Area and the capital of Edo state was the power-house, seat of government and the capital of the ancient Empire .It's also the origin and ancestral home of all the descendants of ancient Benin kingdom.

The Edo people pride themselves on their wealth of history and civilization. The arts of Benin Kingdom are global brand. Benin artifacts are among the most exquisite and coveted in world's history which represents the earliest civilization among black specifically Africans.

The Benin Kingdom is the fourth earliest known civilization recorded by historians, archaeologists and anthropologists. Although Benin Empire rise and fall like all great Empires lost it imperial powers it survived attacks and occupations even when many could not. According to the eminent Benin writer Naiwu Osahon "The spendour of Edo civilization continues to this day to astound and exited the world. Benin artifacts are among the most exquisite and coveted in world's history and the kingdom of Benin remains famous for its sophistication in social engineering and organization. The Benins Obaship institution is still one of the world’s most revered apart from being one of the most ancient". The ancient kingdom was able to bring together modernity and tradition in perfect harmony a formula that has worked magic for more than a century; after the fall to the British forces in 1897AD.

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Chief Justice: Cromwell Osamwonyi Idahosa
Speaker of the House: Dr. Justin Okonoboh (APC)
Administrative Structure:Presidential/Federalism; Federal, State, Local Govt.
Land Area: 19,794 km2
Language: Edo, pidgin English, English {official}
Ethnic Configuration: Benins, Akoko-Edo, Etsako, Ishan and Owan
Population: 3,218332 {2006 National Census}
Electricity: 240v 50Hz
Weights & Measures: Metric
Currency: Naira