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Edo Women

Desperate For Husband? Take It Easy

Some Nigerian ladies are turning into another thing entirely. They seem to be getting more and more heartless.

They are ready to go to any extent to get a man to marry them, even if it involves murder, of course, it is nothing new to fall in love with a man and to want to be the man’s better half. But it should not be at all cost.

A friend once told me about one Ezekiel who used to have two girl friends Ibim and Agnes. Actually Ezekiel preferred Ibim to Agnes in every thing and always showed more affection at her anytime the two met at his house.

Ibim warned him to choose the one he wanted out of the two because she did not want any trouble.

Although he claimed to have left Agnes, Ibim got about three anonymous phone calls from a lady, warning her to leave her man or else face the consequences. Because Ezekiel assured her that he loved her and had stopped seeing Agnes, Ibim was ready to face the consequences.

She got engaged to Ezekiel and the wedding date was fixed. Anyway, before the wedding, Ibim was strangled to death while asleep at her parents’ house.

There were blood stains on her but her parents said there was no sign to show that somebody or a group forced themselves into the house. Till today nobody seems to unravel the mystery but Ibim’s and Ezekiel’s parents and families believed Agnes had something to do with Ibim’s death.

Who would not suspect her anyway, since she was the only rival Ibim had when she was alive. Another lady, Christy, was beaten up by thugs after receiving telephone calls asking her to stop her relationship with her boy friend or be prepared for the worst.

The boy friend, Isaac denied having another girl friend. It was later learnt that he had a nasty relationship with a lady before meeting Christy. It was rumoured that the former girl friend was still in love with Isaac but that the relationship collapsed because she was two timing on him.

When she was accosted, of course, she denied knowing anything about the incident. The telephone calls were later traced; some women have been accused of giving love portions to me so that they could do anything they wished.

People would think it was love that was making the man go blind to the woman’s fault not knowing that it is the love portion that is working.

If some Nigerian women can be this callous, I do not put anything past them. I am sure they can even go ahead to murder their husbands if they end up marrying at all.

However, what they do not understand is that not all ladies are destined to marry.

No matter how nice you are, you might be among those who would remain single whatever the case might be, you do not have to go to the extent of attempting man-slaughter just to win the love of a man you will worsen your case. That will be the end of the relationship, or how does it sound marrying a murderer.

There are times that one falls into the hand of a man with several girl friends which so many ladies hate.

You either bolt out if you cannot stand the competition or stay put if you are the jealous type (the more the merrier).

Meanwhile, if you happen to be the one that loses, never mind, he’s just not good enough for you or else would not leave you for any woman, to go about threatening the winner is accepting that you are a loser that without the man you are nothing.

Keeping in mind that there are one thousand and one men for every woman, so just sit back and pick your choice.

One does not have to be desperate about it anyway.

Be careful not to give yourself a murderer’s tag just because you want to get married by all means.

Allow God to choose for you so that you can have peace in your marriage.


Julie Jumbo

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