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Edo Women
I'm not afraid"

I am appalled and I'm not afraid of all the ways my days are numbered. My AIDS is terminally ill. They have more respect for their dogs than for us, I know that all girls do not go through the same steps as me. But I know what is happening in that community and the girls deny everything for fear of reprisals. Their money gives them rights over our lives ... If drugs, AIDS and alcohol do not kill me, I swallowed their dirt as well as their dogs not to mention all the shots I took, are enough to kill me ...

I begged God to forgive me and correct me. Nobody can live with what I have in my head, just as I close my eyes to these horrors come to me. And every day, every night is the same ordeal, it is torture. Somebody help me to finish, I have no strength to try anything. Good God! I just want a respite, a rest. Ending the world, go, go, just go ...

Recruited on the Internet

My ordeal began in Lagos, I came across an ad on the Internet where a businessman looking for girls wanting to marry her marriage bureau. There were photos: cases of successful marriage. I also responded to advertisements in magazines found everywhere now. It went very quickly. The gentleman contacted me and we communicate through the Internet. He offered me things that no woman can refuse. The dream what! In less than three months, I had everything needed to leave for London. He gave me names of people to see and everything went smoothly. He just needed me to go to Benin City (city in Nigeria, ed) find a small package for him. I was very surprised to see that the parcel in question was three boys between eight and twelve years. Their passports were ready, the visa also. Everything was ok. I went to see a man that people called "sorcerer" who gave me instructions.

Our journey passed through Ghana and there, someone else would give us the passport from Liberia, and with these new passports that we left for London. They allow us to rapidly obtain the status of refugees to their destination. We left after three days in a slum in Accra, where we had to hide to avoid the jealousy of those who did not have our chance ... The younger boy was paralyzed by fear: he cries a lot, he trembles and says not a word, the only refuge, my arms just leave it for me to go to the toilet or wash my ...

Defenseless children

At the airport, my fiance was waiting for me and one who was recovering children. The separation was painful. It took a lot of force to detach the youngest boy to me, I've also not seen or heard from these children. I followed this man whom I knew nothing except that he called himself "BRYAN". Just arrived home, the nightmare began. First, it should get better acquainted. I tried to resist telling him how I needed a little time, it was not easy to give and someone that you barely know. But the firmness with which he grabbed me immediately surrender. My first hours on English soil were hours of rape on the carpet in a room. I had nothing to say. He rested, drank whiskey and again painful and disgusting things I had not known. I thought I would die.

I had to do what he wanted, I only knew him, and he took my papers. Having abused me, he asked me to watch tapes where you see girls with animals and he said well look what the girls. For I should do the same. My visit had cost him much money I had to repay. And also, as he is nice, he is going to find markets, filming and we share the money equally. He said he would give me something to give me courage, because I should have to, but in the end, there is money. Lot of money. The trick to give me courage is the drug. Thus, three weeks after my arrival on English soil, I became an actress in porn movies with animals between Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris and London, my home.

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