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Edo Women

In Italy Prostitution is work

By Richard Deji Tijani Prostitution is not a horrible abstraction but a reality for thousands of Edo women trapped in the underground illicit sex trade in Italy. From my knowledge of man, his sin and his soul, I know that sex gives the strongest exertion on his impulses. For a few thrilling, mad, exultant minutes on a woman, man, yes, amorous man, is ready to betray trust, reputation and confidence just for a leg over with voluptuous Ngozi, Yetunde and Amanze. Over the years, there had been hush soundings of a marooned tribe of Edo indigenes scattered across Italy offering their bodies to Italian stallion to beat a murderous hand of survival or deportation. With the Edo girls quarantined in the dangerous red light district of Italian cities and suburbs, we are witnessing an indicting rendering of the total failure of the Nigerian state and the wider abandonment of its
citizenry to the cruel fate of both racial and sexual domination of European subculture of extreme sexual permissiveness.

Of a truth, there is an enraging emergence of pernicious permissiveness that has had the entire European tribe on its evil coil. Freed from its traditional abode of the bedroom, sex in the UK is now offered in dimly lit narrow alleyways of Hackney, Peckham, Brixton, Oval, Plumstead, Fulham, Shoreditch and Wembley without the moral disgust of an older civilization that had sailed away at the onset of a blistering avalanche of postmodern decadent values. Europe and US have introduced into much of global entertainment a sadist’s serving of fantasy sex, boobs, bum and penis enlargement, anal sex, tummy tuck, dominatrix sex, lesbianism, group sex and homosexualism. This is the awful harvest of technological West that relentlessly beams sinful and immoral material through cable networks into the privacy of our homes.

Anyone with a righteous hatred of sins will hold the West’s countercultural sexual invasion in moral abeyance. No so the Edo girls. As their hopes and dreams in Nigeria were forced to crumble, many of them were lured into mapping alternative narrative of survival. To arise and shine from the dark dungeon of complacency to the bright light of new life, many opt for Italy at the prompting of a station madam who promised liberty, financial security and self-discovery. On arrival, the Edo girl is confronted with the freedom of a neoliberal Western society with its diverse pressure, pleasure and permissiveness.

There are so many blinding twists and turns; so many unpredictable discoveries and surprises, so many dark, lonely, ruminative hours over a difficult destiny of prostitution in racist Italy. In Italy, the Edo prostitute must behave subserviently and crawl with craven humiliation before pitiless racist abuse especially reserved for Edo, and the wider African whores. Into this is the adjunct collateral of repulsive nakedness of white violence against defenceless Edo hookers who live on the fringe of society. To any sounding, the Edo girls are the new apostles of Machiavelli. Their reality is the usage of immoral means to attain moral ends and through this, feed family back home, build a modest house and spread the rest of the haul on investments. It is a way of carving a tunnel of hope and survival through the labyrinthine, dark mountain of disappointments dotting Nigeria.

Investigation showed that prostitution as a lifeline to prosperity and hope is popular among the 10,000 Edo prostitutes all over Italy. In this evil trade, what legacy will an average Edo prostitute leave her children? Why would the Edo prostitutes, who live on the proceeds of the flesh, tarnish the image of Nigeria so mercilessly? Why would the Edo prostitutes give the Italians the racial right to manufacture all sorts of savage and heretical myths about our progeny? In Europe, the Italians and Spanish are barefaced racists without the homely pretence of British fairness and tolerance for blacks in their society.

The Italian stallion in his own wicked and malicious sexual colonialism clenches his fist, and with a glad cry, admits that he enjoys assignations with his Edo sex slave because she is sexy, friendly and cheap. Later, at the smoky beer joint with his beer buddies, you will be mortally horrified at the unflattering racist remarks reserved for a migrant, Edo sex machine and the entire black race.

Nigerian Compass

Richard Deji Tijani

Text only to: 08066890703

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