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Sex Trade Abroad: Oshiomhole flays parents

Last update 12-04-2009

BENIN CITY – Edo State Governor, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole has decried the attitude of some parents who send their children abroad for sex trade without considering the consequences of their action.

Speaking yesterday while receiving in audience, the Chainman of the House of Representatives Standing Committee on Diaspora, Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa at the Government House, Comrade Oshiomhole stated that poverty is not an excuse for any parents to enslave their female child in foreign land.

Governor Oshiomhole who said poverty cannot be wished away except it is tackled, further disclosed that it is the duty of the three tiers of government to partner in the area of jobs creation.

On the plight of Nigerian girls who are trapped in Morocco and Libya in their attempt to be spirited away to Europe for sex trade, Comrade Oshiomhole appealed to the National Assembly to put pressure on the Federal Government on the need to get them back home because that is its responsibility.

He said Nigerian children must not be allowed to rot in jail in foreign land no matter the state of the federation they hailed from, and reiterated his administration’s commitment to job creation, adding that it is only when the people are gainfully employed that they could be self -reliant.

Earlier in an address, the Leader of the delegation, Hon. Abike Dabiri – Erewa said her committee was in the state to inform the Governor on the need to find a way to return Nigerian girls purported to be mostly Benins who are illegal immigrants to Libya and Morocco for the purpose of commercial sex trade.

Hon. Dabiri who claimed that majority of the enslaved girls are from Edo State, however, lamented that two of the illegal immigrants who are between 13 and 16 years of age have just had babies in jail and they are passing through a terrible time over there.

The lawmaker who called for public enlightenment to educate parents on the danger of sending their female children abroad for sex trade, advised on the need to equally inform them (parents) not to allow poverty to make them send their daughters for slavery abroad.

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