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Tricky Teen Years!


Most parents fret a lot about their daughters until they become something.

The fear of every parent who has a daughter who’s yet to complete her studies and get married is that she could get pregnant at the wrong time. A young girl who starts moving with boys at an early age may not do well at her studies as she may not be able to concentrate even if she’s quite brilliant.

As a mother, there are times when you and your teenage daughter are best of friends and at other times, things may change. Your daughter begin to feel you are trying to rule her life and she may begin to search for her own identity. Your daughter’s growing up and like many teenagers she is likely to take out her frustrations on those she loves. That’s you Don’t dismiss her feelings listen to her and ask how you can help.

There are tremendous pressures on girls. Most of them are forced by their peers into making decisions they lack the emotional maturity to fully understand, those who only try to fit in end up making choices that has devastating consequences and by beyond. And all too often, parents have no idea what their children are really going through.

Girls living as they do in our society are being distracted and disturbed by fantasies emotion and desires often to the mate ambitions.

Chidinma says that a girl child is not safe, men they show no discrimination. A 40 year old man drives around secondary school grounds looking out for a young gullible girl to ruin. The younger boys are tall and irresponsible. Do they know that early and unprotected sex can ruin their future? Will your daughter remember to wait a while-wait till she marries you’d told her as it you waited.

Would she be firm in her relationship with boys and even girls good gracious, the way lesbianism crops up in news journals is alarming). Those her friends! What do they always talk about? Those giggles? Can it be school work? No you know the answer to that one. You’d giggled just like that decodes ago! Oh God! Don’t let her be giggling over the same things as you did. You begin to panic afresh. Yes indeed you wish you had your baby in your arms again.

Some parents educate their daughters about the consequences of premarital sex-teen pregnancy STDs and AIDs. A girl is emphatically informed that she should never put herself in that situation mothers usually see their daughters as strong- willed individuals who are not easily swayed by peer pressure, so they believe that their daughter could say no to temptations.

As an adult now, I look back at my dating relationships in school and regret them. I lost valuable time that could have been spent studying and concentrating on my academic work. I suggest waiting to date until you’re out of school if you entered school early or in Your third or final year-that way you won’t have fun.

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