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Edo Women

Woman tricks 14-year-old daughter into prostitution

Written by Juliana Francis
Orobosa Egbowaye

Most mothers will give anything to make their children happy, but a woman has proven herself to be the incarnate of  the Shakespearian Lady Macbeth.’ 

Just as Lady Macbeth cold heartedly asked the gods of darkness to change her breasts milk to gall, and boasted that she could dash out her baby’s brain, so also Orobosa Egbowaye,33, calmly and without a streak of conscience, struck a devil’s bargain with  a lady called Mary Ruth in Benin to enslave her little daughter.Orobosa gave her 14-year-old daughter, Charity to Mary Ruth to take to Lagos, in order to introduce the girl to prostitution.Even when Orobosa’s mother found out that her daughter was planning to hand her grand daughter,

Charity to  Ruth for prostitution, the elderly woman had rebuked Orobosa, advising her to rather go to Lagos and use herself for prostitution instead of young Charity.But Orobosa was said to have shrieked in anger, shouting that she would rather die than go to Lagos to become a prostitute. As far as she was concerned, Charity was the oldest among her five children, thus it was the girl’s duty to sacrifice herself for the up keep and education of her younger siblings.

When she was arrested by the National Agency for the Prohibition of Traffic in Persons and Other Related Matters (NAPTIP), she changed her story, insisting that she didn’t wish to leave her children in Benin and come to Lagos for prostitution.  Orobosa could however have left the children with her mother if she had truly wished to sacrifice herself for them, rather than use her little girl.

Ironically, Charity didn’t know that her journey to Lagos to become a professional prostitute was hatched by her mother. Indeed, when she was rescued after she ran away from Daka hotel, in Seme, where she had been in sexual servitude for two months, she told NAPTIP officials that she knew that  Ruth never told her mother that she was bringing her to Lagos for prostitution.

With confidence ringing in her voice, the young lady said: “I know that if Mary Ruth had told my mother that she was bringing me to Lagos for prostitution, my mother would never have allowed it. I guess  Ruth told her what she told me too. She told me I was coming to Lagos to work as a salesgirl!”

The Nigerian Compass gathered that Charity’s solace started after she left the hotel one day to go and buy a sachet of pure water and was sighted by two concerned Nigerians who felt she was too young to be in such an establishment.  After speaking with her for five minutes, they knew she was deceived into becoming a prostitute. She further told them that she wished to leave the sordid trade. They made plans with her on how to escape her Madam, Ruth.

When the time was right, she bolted secretly from the hotel, and went to a garage where the couple was waiting for her. They took her to NAPTIP.
Before her rescue from the hell however, she had had sex with nothing less than 320 men just within two months and contracted gonorrhea. According to her, Ruth forced her to sleep with as many as seven men each day. If she refuses to work, she will not be given food. If she works, she has N100 for feeding for that day.

Officials of NAPTIP welcomed and debriefed the girl. Armed with the necessary information to track the hotel and her Madam, a team of operatives, led by Mr. Tunde Odetunde, Head, Investigation Unit, stormed Daka hotel. There they rescued two teenagers, arrested five Madams and also caught one Chief Ibidun Joshua, who not only declared that he was the owner of the brothel, but also revealed that he inherited it from his late brother.

Mr. Odetunde and his men were said to have further made a trip to Benin, where Orobosa was arrested. An herbalist, who made incisions on Charity’s body before she was taken to Lagos for prostitution was also arrested.

Recalling events leading to her journey to Lagos, a tearful Charity said: “Mama Beauty (Orobosa’s friend) told me that if the work was prostitution, I should do it so that I can assist my mother to take care for my younger ones, but I didn’t understand what she meant. I want to state here that my mother didn’t know I was being taken to Lagos for prostitution. It was when I got to Lagos, that I knew it was prostitution! When I got there, my madam,  changed into a small dress. I saw many young girls in the hotel. I counted up to 10 girls. They were young girls. Even my madam has three girls; myself, Perfect and another girl, whose name I don’t know.”

Charity explained that it was the very day they reached Daka that  Ruth changed her name from the one her parents christened her to Charity.
“I started work the next day,” said Charity. “I collect N400 to N700 per client. In a day, I will have sex with five to seven men. My work starts by 8pm till 3am.”

She further recalled how  Ruth took her to the herbalist in Benin to make incisions on her body.
Her words: “The herbalist used razor to cut marks on my head, centre of my head, private part, chest, hands and legs. Ruth also took me to another herbalist in Badagry. We went there together and left, but she later went back to collect some items from the herbalist. She used them on me. There was red oil, sponge and coconut. She used them to bath and rub all over my body after making incantations. She said it would make police not to arrest me.”

Ruth admitted taking Charity to an herbalist in Benin, but denied taking her to any herbalist in Seme. According to her, the incisions made on different parts of the girl’s body by the herbalist was not to harm her, but to attract male clients to her the way honey attracts bees.
Stating her own side of the story,  Ruth said it was never her intention to bring Charity to Lagos for prostitution, but she only did so because Orobosa’s pleadings were too much.

She explained that she  visited one Mama Beauty, who also happened to be a landlady to Orotoldstarted telling her the pathetic story of  Orobosa, who has five children, but had no money to feed them.

“Mama Beauty knew that my work is prostitution. When I saw Orobosa, we discussed about taking Charity to Lagos for prostitution. But she begged me not to let Charity know that it was prostitution I was taking her to Lagos for. When Charity asked me the sort of work she would be doing in Lagos,  I told her to wait until we get to Lagos, if she doesn’t like it, she could go back home.”

Ruth recollected that when Orobosa’s mother learned of the deal to use her grand daughter for prostitution, she raised hell.
“But Orobosa said it was not the old woman that gave birth to Charity. I went home. Later Mama Beauty called me that Charity came to see her. I sent one of my younger ones to go and pick Charity from her home. Yes, I took her to an herbalist, who marked her body, but it was not for curse of any sort. It was for men to be attracted to her,” said  Ruth.

When they got to Lagos and Charity finally understood the sort of work Ruth wanted her to engage in, she balked.
“Charity said she couldn’t do the work,” Ruth recalled. “I called Mama Beauty and told her to tell Orobosa that her daughter was coming home. Orobosa called me that I should try to persuade Charity.”

Orobosa was also said to have spoken with her daughter, pretending she still didn’t know the sort of job, begging the girl to think of her siblings. Charity couldn’t bring herself to tell her mother the sort of job, because she didn’t want to bother the woman. She also didn’t want her mother to be disappointed. So rather than tell her mother it was prostitution, she only complained that she just didn’t like the job, but kept sealed lips on the nature of the job. She reluctantly stayed on.
“It was on January 10, 2010 that Charity came to Lagos, we used N18, 000 to register her in the hotel as a prostitute. I used my money to pay for that registration,”she said.

It was expected that immediately Charity started working, she would pay Ruth money spent on transportation from Benin to Lagos and those used to register her as a prostitute. She was also expected to send N30, 000 to her mother few days after she started working. The N30, 000 was part of the money  Ruth promised Orobosa to send to her immediately Charity got down to business.
Chief Ibidun Joshua, 45, was also one of the people that interviewed Charity when she arrived at Daka. He asked Charity if she could do the job, she said yes, that it was her mother that sent her.

What  Ruth however didn’t say was that when Charity was fielding these questions from Joshua, she was still in the dark on the nature of the job.
Ruth, a mother of two, who said she had married twice and left both men, said that she was sorry for whatever harm she might have done to Charity. She revealed that she was introduced to prostitution by her two friends, who were now overseas.
She uses the proceeds from the prostitution business to take care of her two children. According to her, the two kids are still with her second husband, who does not have a job.

“I send money to them to feed. I even sent money to him (second husband), asking him to change the children from public to private schools. I am the person that sends money to him to eat and buy his clothes.
Orobosa said she was married to Charity’s father who is 62 years old. She claimed to have walked out on her marriage after one of the man’s children took her briefs to an herbalist to harm her.

She said:“My husband is 62. He has seven children. He used to work with Julius Berger before he retired.  It was after he married me that I had five children for him. His children don’t care for my children. They hate me because I refused to worship their juju. I am a Christian! When I refused to worship the juju, they tormented me. My husband’s daughter went to our bathroom, took my pant which I spread out to dry, to an herbalist. I fell sick. It was so serious people thought I was going to die. It was later at church that it was revealed to me that it was my husband’s daughter that took my pant to do juju. My family moved me out of my husband’s house. I now sell sachets of pure water and Viju milk to sustain my children. I have met my husband several times to beg him to assist me with money in taking care of these children, but he keeps telling me he has no money.”

The Nigerian Compass gathered that since Orobosa tricked Charity to Lagos, her mother has embarked on a cold war with her. Even though they live under the same roof, the old woman has refused to speak to her.

Ironically, when NAPTIP operatives stormed Benin to arrest Orobosa, she was found in her church, Believers’ Ministry, praying to God!
Joshua, father of four girls, with the oldest being 17, confessed that he used to collect registration fee from every new prostitute.
His words: “The brothel belonged to my eldest brother. After his death, I took over. from  N5000 to N12000. The girls pay N3000 rent every week and also N1000 for police every month.”

Joshua claimed that he had warned his staff never to allow under-aged girls to work in his brothel. This was even as Mary Ruth revealed that Joshua personally interviewed Charity upon her arrival at Daka, in an attempt to find out if she could do the job.

Source:The Nigerian Compass

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