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Edo Women

The wisest woman there ever was?

“ I married my high school sweetheart when I was 19. She was the only girl with whom I had ever had sex, so I was quite inexperienced, and very curious about other women. However, I did take the marriage seriously and we got on with raising a family.

“I worked as a waiter in the hotel industry. I worked partly during the day as well at night, and I was meeting a lot of unattached women who were at play. Usually after work in the evening I went along with the guys for a drink.

“One night I met this girl from Boston who was apparently having a good time and very much in the mood. She was too much of a temptation, so she and I went round the back of the building and got it on, hot and heavy. I felt so guilty, but I would be lying if I said that I didn’t enjoy it. I never saw her again.

“That night when I went home I worried that my wife would detect something, but she was asleep as usual, and after washing I went to bed. After my morning shift I had lunch at home as though nothing at all had happened. I thought I was in the clear. I went into the bedroom to change my clothes and my wife came in after me, pulled the curtains and started getting undressed as well.

“Come lie down on the bed, Honey, rest a while. So I did as I was told. We made love with a passion that had been missing since the early years, and afterward, while she lay in my arms, she whispered these most terrifying words in my ear.

“Honey, I believe that last night you had sex with another woman. I could smell her perfume on you, also you had the smell of a woman’s special scent when you came to bed. You don’t have to say anything. I don’t need to hear you deny it to save my feelings. A woman just knows. The thing is that if you feel you have to go outside our marriage to get sex, I feel that’s my fault. I am obviously not taking proper care of you. Now, we can’t have you running around to other women for something that’s my responsibility, so I will make sure that you get all the sex you want, right here at home. Anytime of day or night, I’m here for you.”

“That was about 1pm. At five o’clock, just before I went to work she was ready, and insistent again. After work I went straight home as I was dead tired. She was waiting up for me. We had a drink, she was very soft and cuddly, and as we slipped into bed she said she was there for me if I wanted. Well, I didn’t want! She let me go to sleep in her embrace.

“ After that, she combined loving attention and kindness on me, together with genuine warmth and the care of a woman who was concerned about holding her family together. She wasn’t so forceful or aggressive about the sex thing as to disgust me, but I must admit that there came a time when I would not have minded if I never had sex ever again. She wasn’t careless as to my needs. Got a fantasy, big boy? Want to try something new? I’m with you baby, all the way.

“I ‘m telling you that not only do I love my wife, and appreciate her, but I also respect her intelligence, especially in the way that she handled a difficult situation. I can’t think of any other woman who would have handled the situation so well. In fact, in most cases an indiscretion like mine might have led to the break-up of the marriage. “

I was talking to a mutual friend and the name of our hero came up. My friend had been told the same story. In fact, the couple recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary, and the man had actually told the story to the astonished reporter who asked, “To what do you owe the longevity of your marriage?”

I find this an inspiring tale in an era when marriages collapse with such monotonous regularity, some being so brief that the couple fight over custody of the wedding cake.

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